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Our Colleague Values

  • Colleague Satisfaction - to create a dynamic working environment in which all Colleagues feel valued and are able to benefit from the Company's success.
  • Trust & Respect - providing confidence to excel and succeed.
  • Empowerment & Autonomy - to enable us to get the best from our team and achieve results.
  • Openness & Honesty - to make it a fair and enjoyable place to work and to be able to make a minor error without fear of retribution. To be able to discuss and share workplace issues without criticism.
  • Communication - encouraged to improve working relationships, productivity and effectiveness.
  • Team Spirit - to ensure all Colleagues feel part of the team in both work and social environments.
  • Customer Focus - taking pride in what we do and delivering a quality product and service.
  • Recognition - recognising the extra effort put in to achieve the results.
  • Reward - to receive a fair reward for the effort and responsibility involved.
  • To have pride in my Company - to be part of a successful organisation and feel my contribution matters and is recognised.


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