Health & Safety

Our Vision: To create a safe & secure environment

The vision of the PLC Board at Churchill Retirement Living is encapsulated above. We are determined to develop a culture where health and safety is embedded in all that we do.

This aligns with our Company values and encompasses our commitment to our Customers, to our business partners and to each other.

MMS lodge manager and owner

Group Health & Safety Committee

The PLC Board has created a new Group Health and Safety committee who are responsible for delivering this vision and encouraging and promoting a vibrant, compliant health and safety culture. Health and safety is a strategic priority, therefore the Group Health and Safety Committee will report directly into the PLC Board.

Group health and safety committee

Who’s on the Group Health & Safety Committee?

Health & Safety Steering Groups

The Group Health & Safety Committee is supported by two separate health and safety steering groups, which have been created to focus on the specific health and safety issues that arise from the day to day operations of Churchill Retirement Living and Millstream Management Services (our in-house management company) respectively.

The steering groups will inform and assist the Group Health & Safety Committee to identify and manage the health and safety risks within our business, and implement the strategy created by the Group Health & Safety Committee.

Who’s who on the CRL Steering Group?

Led by our Group Construction Director, the Steering Group consists of a diverse group of Colleagues to ensure all professional disciplines are represented.

CRL steering group

Who’s who on the CRL steering group?

Who’s who on the MMS Steering Group?

The MMS steering group also consists of employee members. They are responsible for understanding the health and safety risks within the business, as well as assisting with monitoring and implementing the Group health and safety strategy.

MMS steering group

Who’s who on the MMS steering group?

The MMS steering group is made up of a number of people including an external Health & Safety consultant.