Letters from our Customers

Customer letters

“Despite my frustration at the loss of freedom during self-isolation, I have never felt forgotten or abandoned. Luckily I have a ground floor apartment with a small balcony where I am able to sit in the fresh air. I have made many friends here and we have lengthy chats from the comfort of our sofas. I have received so many kindnesses from other Owners and their relatives, from offers to do shopping or post letters, to flowers or a homemade cake left at my door. Our ever-cheerful Lodge Manager is in regular contact to check that I am ok. For me during lockdown, I may be alone but never feel lonely.” Elizabeth Bates – Hadley Lodge, Quinton 

“Since being in lockdown I feel everything has been done to keep us safe at all levels. We have always been kept up to date with newsletters, notices on doors, and updates to make Owners aware of the risk. Our Lodge Manager has been a ‘diamond’ to keep our morale going. She is our go to person during the lockdown as her smile and her laugh every day is a breath of fresh air, just what we all need in these testing times.” Karen Simpson, Beatrice Lodge, Sittingbourne

“Although lockdown is not what anyone would choose, we have been comfortable in our apartment. Our Lodge Manager Abigail has been very efficient and helpful in keeping us all safe. She has sought to entertain us with bingo on the intercom, a virtual Grand National, puzzles, painting books and quizzes. We are grateful to her for helping us during this unusual time.” Pat Atwell, Beatrice Lodge, Sittingbourne

“It was very strange at first having all our functions and activities cancelled, but our Lodge Manager was quick to get all the safety guidelines in place. Already having a very good Lodge community spirit, we all started to help other Owners that had to self-isolate for 12 weeks, by shopping or collecting medicines. After all this time it still seems weird seeing an empty Owners’ Lounge. We use the internal telephone system to ring a lot of the single Owners to make sure they are ok and see if they need anything, and mainly just to chat during these long days. During all of this our Lodge Manager has always been there for everybody with a smile on her face despite all the pressures of ensuring our safety and welfare every day.” Howard Embery, Tregolls Lodge, Truro  

“Our harmonious community has been encouraged and nurtured by our Lodge Manager, and we have continued this spirit of cooperation and support to each other throughout the necessary restrictions imposed by coronavirus. We support the NHS each week by singing a rousing song from our windows, accompanied by fellow Owner John on his cornet outside, before we finish with a clap. Our attractive courtyard garden also enables us to celebrate occasions like VE Day by decorating it with colourful bunting in the trees, and wartime songs with necessary social distancing. I am proud to say that the spirit of the community has kept everyone safe and well supported, and has prevented anyone from feeling helpless or lonely.” Deirdre Neale, Tregolls Lodge, Truro

“Living at Hadley Lodge has been beneficial, particularly during lockdown. When I go out for my daily walk more often than not I meet one of the other Owners and we can have a chat while keeping a safe distance. I would have been more isolated in my old house before I moved.” Joyce Lockwood, Hadley Lodge, Quinton

“After losing my dear husband, it was the best thing I did, moving into Mitchell Lodge. You can come and go as you please, join in if you wish, but most of all you feel like a family, safe & secure. I’m lucky, I have a big family, but some people have no one, so it’s lovely to know there’s people around.”  Eve Lambert – Mitchell Lodge, Bitterne

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