Retirement Finance: Advice and Support

Think you can't afford it? We can help!

If you are concerned that the sale of your existing property might leave you with a shortfall, we can help. 

We can introduce you to our parent company, Churchill Retirement (Group) Limited, who is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), to offer Lifetime Mortgages.

We understand that it's a big decision and we are always committed to supporting you every step of the way when purchasing a new retirement apartment with Churchill. Just speak to your nearest Churchill Sales Executive for more information on the different options we have available, our Sales Executive can also introduce you to an independent financial advisor who will ensure your move is affordable. Don't worry about the legal process

With any home purchase, there are the inevitable legal processes and fees to think about. At Churchill, we have a panel of trusted independent solicitors who understand the needs of our Customers and have dealt with hundreds of home purchases. They ensure your move runs smoothly from a legal perspective and liaise with us directly throughout the sale.

When you use one of our panel solicitors, we will also make a financial contribution towards your legal fees with our Home Exchange or Selling Made Easy services*, so you don't have to worry...

The process is simple

  1. Reserve your brand new retirement apartment
  2. Choose from our panel of solicitors who can advise you throughout the process
  3. Your panel solicitor will work to ensure you achieve the agreed completion date
  4. We will contribute towards the legal fees*
  5. Enjoy a smooth, hassle free move to your new apartment

Benefits of using a preferred solicitor:

  • Receive a financial contribution towards a legal fees*
  • Trustworthy and reliable service
  • Professional independent advice
  • Deal with solicitors who are experienced in the retirement sector
  • Solicitors will act quickly and efficiently to save you time
  • Provides peace of mind

To discuss finance and legal details in more detail, get in touch with our team today on
01425 462104.


*Solicitor fees paid for the purchase of your apartment up to £500 if you select one of our preferred solicitors when choosing the Selling Made Easy or Home Exchange service.