41% of Retirees are Now Using Facebook! Are you?

It seems that retirees are becoming increasingly internet savvy, with almost half of pensioners using Facebook and over three-quarters using the web to search and shop online!

Are you Socially Active Online?

In a recent survey by Plusnet that we read at Churchill Retirement, they announced that 41% of over 65s in the UK are now interacting on Facebook. The survey also noted that 84% of pensioners are using the internet to shop online and browse for daily information - both very encouraging numbers.

We discovered that three-quarters of pensioners said they use the internet as it makes them feel young and mentally agile and 65% said they just can’t live without it! There is definitely no reason for anyone to feel their age and not get the best out of what technology has to offer. Using the internet for Facebook, browsing, shopping and learning are becoming the in-thing for pensioners so it’s time for you to get online.

One of the country’s most famous pensioners using the internet is Sir Bruce Forsyth, who loves to browse and shop online for the best deals and has even said having his iPad makes him feel young and he loves taking it everywhere with him.

Although there are a lot of active online pensioners in the UK, there are still 5.2 million people over the age of 65 in the UK that have admitted to never using the internet. We understand that the internet can be intimidating for those that have never used it but as a phenomenon defining the modern age and with recognised health benefits we want to show you the way at Churchill Retirement. 

The Top Reasons for Retirees to Use Facebook and the Internet

The internet is a wonderful platform that allows us to connect globally with the world. Gone are the days of the unknown – we can now converse with people all over the world and discover fascinating information that is happening everywhere. Below are our top reasons for retirees to get socially active on Facebook and shop online.

  1. Facebook allows you to communicate with friends and family – Facebook is a great tool for communication. Whether it’s with long distant friends and family or to keep up to date with what your grandchildren are doing. Many people have said that they love using Facebook to keep in touch with overseas relatives or to reconnect with old friends that are also using the social tool.
  2. Facebook allows you to stay in the loop – We all know that our family and loved ones live busy lifestyles (especially the young ones) but being active on Facebook allows you to keep up to date with their lives. You can enjoy browsing the pictures they share of holidays or events and to stay interactive with them you can ‘Like’ the picture by pressing a button or even leave a comment. You don’t have to use Facebook to post yourself you can simply use it to follow the posts of friends and family.
  3. Learn new knowledge instantly – The internet is an exciting hub to instantly discover new knowledge. By using Google search engine, you can type any subject or question into the search bar and discover the information/answer instantly. With new technologies like smartphones and iPad’s, you can even discover instant information on the go.
  4. Shop online – Shopping for groceries and other goods online doesn’t have to be seen as lazy, it’s simply a new way of shopping for the best deals. It might be that you live in a small town or village with little access to some of the big high street shops. It may even be that some of the best deals you find are from internet shops. So go ahead and enjoy the wonders of shopping online.

Now you understand the reasons retirees are using the internet and interacting with friends and family on Facebook it’s time for you to get savvy and join them! 


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