Celebrate National Grandparent’s Day

We’ve all heard of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but many people are still unaware of Grandparent’s Day. Children across the UK are being loved and spoiled by their grandparents and it’s high time that was recognised and celebrated. Make sure you get involved and ensure that you are appreciated this year.

How it Began

Grandparent’s Day has been celebrated in the United States since 1978. This year, it has been backed by President Barack Obama and the holiday has been celebrated widely. Unfortunately, the day has yet to be as successful here in the UK.

The day was introduced to the UK in 1990 and has been on the first Sunday in October since 2008. Unfortunately, the word has not been spread in the same way as in the US so make sure you shout it from the rooftops this year!

How to Celebrate

The holiday is a perfect way to celebrate the special relationship that is shared between grandparents and grandchildren. Grandparents play an important role in the family and they should be thanked for all that they do. If you are a grandparent, then here are some ideas of things you can do with your grandchildren to mark the special day.

1. Enjoy an Outdoor Activity

Spending quality time with your grandchildren can be difficult when many of them want to stay in playing video games or watching TV. Try getting out and about and showing them games that you used to play back in your day. Read our post on how to keep active with your grandchildren for some great ideas. From bike riding to bug hunting, I’m sure they’ll love whatever you choose.

2. Bake Together

Most children love a sweet treat but many have never experienced the joy of making their own. You don’t have to get too complicated with cake decorating and icing; a simple biscuit mix and a cutter will do the trick! There’s great satisfaction in making something from scratch and baking can be a fantastic and fun bonding experience. I assure you, they’ll be coming back for more!

3. Arts and Crafts

Creativity is something that should be nurtured in the young and old. Arts and crafts are becoming less

common in the lives of children and that’s something that needs to be changed. Try creating something that is sentimental for both of you. How about painting a photo frame for a picture of you on Grandparent’s Day? You could even create a scrapbook to document all of your best memories.

4. Read Together

Reading with your grandchildren can bring you together and also allows you to help them to improve their skills. There’s nothing more rewarding than bringing enjoyment and knowledge into a child’s life. They may have books that they have to read for school that you could help them with. If this doesn’t appeal, you can always select a few that you loved as a child and read to them. The best stories never go out of fashion and they’ll be returning to hear how the tale continues.

5. Have a Special Outing

As Grandparent’s Day is an annual event, why not make an occasion out of it? There’s nothing better than a grand day out and you can choose from so many different activities. Try thinking about what your grandchild enjoys. Perhaps a visit to one of our national museums to see the dinosaurs would be right up their street?  Maybe a day at an animal farm or the beach would suit an outdoor loving child? Whatever their interest, I’m sure you can find something that you’d both enjoy and have a day that you’ll both remember forever.

Grandparent’s Day has not been given the awareness it deserves and it’s time for grandparents to be appreciated. Spend the day with your grandchildren and make sure you make some great memories.

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