Chester poet enjoying his new 'Life with Churchill'

A retiree at Churchill Retirement Living’s Eaton Lodge in Chester has revealed an impressive hidden talent after being inspired to write a poem about his new home at the development.

Alan O’Connor, who lives at the Lodge on Hoole Road with his wife, penned ‘Life with Churchill,’ which is a charming reflection on how his move to Eaton Lodge led to an unexpected new lifestyle for the couple.

The team at Churchill Retirement Living were so impressed with Alan’s new found skills, that they arranged a poetry workshop at the Lodge to celebrate National Poetry Day, with special guests from the Chester Poetry Society.

Alan was presented with a bottle of champagne and a framed copy of his poem before reading his work to fellow Owners at the Lodge.

He said: “I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as a poet, I’ve written the odd little jingle for children’s birthday cards and that was it. But I was inspired to write about my experience with Churchill, mainly to amuse my friends and neighbours, and it’s proved to be quite popular.

“My wife and I have a special relationship with Eaton Lodge as we used to live in the house next door. We’ve lived in Chester for over 50 years, and for the past 40 years we lived comfortably in a four-bedroom house just outside the city. Next door to our home was a hotel, which we watched grow from an elegant guest house, into a rather run-down establishment.

"We were delighted when we heard that Churchill had bought the property in order to build retirement apartments. We watched with fascination as the hotel was demolished, and became friends with the site managers, construction workers and all involved as the Lodge was being built.

“Over time we became more and more aware that our own lives might be more comfortable and secure in such an environment and that was it. We decided on the apartment that would best suit our needs and have been enjoying our new life here ever since. What we didn’t realise at the time was that we were joining a brand new circle of friends, beginning a new social life and a new lease of energy and enjoyment that we just didn’t expect.

"We’ll have to wait and see if I’m inspired to write any more poems, it’ll be a case of finding the right subject matter, but in the meantime, life is good at Eaton Lodge.”

Rachel Walsh, regional sales manager at Churchill Retirement Living, said: “We were so touched by Alan’s wonderful poem about settling into the Lodge and the new lease of life that he is experiencing that we felt this had to be celebrated. This is a perfect example of how our Owners can embrace the independent lifestyle on offer and truly live life to the full in their later years.”

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