Churchill Retirement Living Celebrates National Pet Month in Lymington

Keeping a pet is extremely rewarding but the unseen benefits can be far greater, especially as you get older, and Churchill Retirement Living regularly sees the positive impact pet ownership has on the health and wellbeing of its Owners. That’s why, unlike some other retirement developments, at Knights Lodge in Lymington, Owners are welcome to bring well-behaved cats, dogs and caged birds when they move.

 To celebrate National Pet Month this April, here’s what some of Churchill’s Owners across the country had to say about bringing their pets with them when they moved.

Reverend Anthony Cairns from Lymington says:

Leo the Norwich Terrier is one of the friendliest dogs I’ve ever had. He’s had to adapt a little bit to the new environment, but now he’s completely settled in and we’ve formed a new routine with plenty of nice walks and things to do right on our doorstep. I think he’s much happier here than he was before, as it’s such a lovely dog-friendly town, and we’re right in the heart of things with no need to travel anywhere to enjoy a nice walk.

Churchill’s Regional Marketing Manager Caroline adds:

We know that keeping a pet can reduce stress, provide companionship, and help to increase physical activity and social interaction, all of which is essential as we get older. More importantly, we know that many of our Owners simply wouldn’t contemplate leaving their furry friends behind, which is why we’re happy to celebrate responsible ownership, and everything life with a pet entails this National Pet Month.

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