Considerations for Buying your Retirement Apartment

Deciding to move in your later years can be a big consideration, especially if you are leaving your family home. Now that you’ve decided to look into a retirement apartment, here are some things you should consider to find one that’s right for you.

1. Location

Location requirements differ depending on personal preferences. You may wish to find a development in an area you know, with family, friends and an established community nearby. On the other hand you may wish to have a fresh start and begin your retired life in a new location and become part of a new community. Either way, location is a big consideration. Perhaps you’d like to live beside the sea or maybe somewhere near a big city would suit your lifestyle better. Churchill Retirement offer apartments in a vast range of locations – have a look at our Apartments for Sale page to discover where your new home should be.

2. Size

Moving home may require you to make a lot of changes, particularly if you are downsizing from a large house to an apartment. However, this change is what many people look for as they get older. Managing a large house can take up a lot of time when you should be relaxing and enjoying your retirement. You may wish to change to a comfortable yet compact one bedroom apartment. On the other hand, consider a two bedroom apartment for extra space or for guests. Don’t forget, there are communal areas and gardens for you to enjoy without the pressure of the up keep. If you are having trouble imagining downsizing, look into our Senior Move Partnership for advice.

3. Facilities

There are several key necessities to look for when it comes to amenities at any development. For example, all of our developments have a shared lounge area which is the hub of the community, whether you want to relax with friends or a take some time out with a good book. They are also great for more social activities such as live entertainment, evenings with visiting speakers or even exercise classes. A Guest Suite is also offered at all of our lodges.  Downsizing from a family home means you will have less room for guests so this is a necessity for many Owners. Some of our developments have a Wellbeing Suite, offering hairdressing, beauty therapy and treatment facilities conveniently on-site. 

4. Logistics

Moving can be a daunting experience for many people. You may be able to take it all in your stride, but if the process feels overwhelming, there are a number of ways in which you can get help. Churchill Retirement Living offers a number of services on our Moving Made Easy initiative to help you relax during your move.

The best way to decide the apartment that’s right for you is to contact us  and arrange a viewing. Get planning today!

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