Downsizing means rightsizing for Churchill Owner in Woking

Brenda Lees had lived in Cheshire for 50 years and had been surrounded by good friends and plenty of activities to fill her days. However, now in her early 80’s, she was finding the family home she had been living in for years too much for her and the garden was also getting to be an impossible chore. Widowed, and with a daughter and family living in Woking, she felt a move to something smaller and more manageable was the right thing to do. Brenda moved into Churchill Retirement Living’s Beaufort Lodge in May and has found downsizing to a retirement apartment comes with many benefits. 

Brenda comments; “I had always driven or taken the train to see my daughter in Woking, but in recent years I had found it had become too much. My son lives in Canada and I am a practical person and I knew that if I did not make the move to be closer to my daughter sooner rather than later, it would be too stressful and difficult in later years. I had been looking for a bungalow and, on a visit to Woking, I went to view one but the garden was far too big and I knew I would not be able to manage it.”

As a long standing member of the local Women’s Institute, Brenda came across an ad in their magazine for Churchill Retirement Living’s Beaufort Lodge in Woking. “At the time the development had not been built, but they took my details and contacted me last year when the show apartment was open and so I went to view the Lodge with my daughter. I liked it so much that I then began to seriously consider the move – the location was really good as it was in the centre of town and I could walk to my daughter’s or take the bus from the bus stop which was only a few minutes walk away.”

Although Brenda was leading a very active lifestyle in Cheshire - from playing tennis and badminton to being a member of various clubs - she feels she has settled remarkably well into her new environment and her days are busy and filled with other activities. “I had been suffering with sciatica for a while and my tennis and badminton playing days were coming to an end anyway, that I am now considering taking up bowling soon with a few of the other Owners. Everybody is really friendly – it’s been great and I am kept so busy here or with my grandchildren that I have not found the need to join new clubs or look for other activities to replace those I had left behind.”

Brenda goes to the regular coffee mornings and afternoon teas held in the Owners’ Lounge in Beaufort Lodge, as well as other one off events such as a Macmillan fundraising morning, a garden party in the summer and a recent trip out to a local museum.” “And I take my grandchildren swimming weekly, my nephew and sister-in-law have been to stay in the Guest Suite and I keep in touch with old friends via email – the days go by very quickly.”

Brenda is glad she did the move when she was still fit and well and appears to be very content in her new environment. “I was ready to slow down – I had needed a cleaner in my previous home and the garden was getting too much for me. Here, I can cope well with keeping my apartment clean and any major maintenance work is taken care of. .   My neighbours in Cheshire were around but not always available as they worked and had their own lives to lead – at Beaufort Lodge I know I have the back up whenever I need it.

“I would definitely recommend retirement living to anyone who is considering a move. The lifestyle is easy and stress free.”


October 2013

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