Exercises to keep yourself healthy and fit in your later years

Retirement can be a fulfilling time, especially when it is jam-packed with new activities and entertainment. People are feeling younger for longer now and it’s because we are learning how to look after ourselves. We are more determined than ever to shake off a slow decline and instead pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. Here are some of the top sports to bring a spring to your step.

1. Walking

You may think this is an obvious choice but walking is an ideal low to moderate exercise for general fitness. This can be as simple as getting about the house to do your daily chores but it is suggested that you get out in the elements and enjoy the fresh air and nature. You can feel yourself managing a lot more than you thought you could when you are enjoying the gardens with the company of your dog. If you are feeling adventurous, you can join some walking or hiking clubs in your local community or even set up your own!

2. Swimming

Swimming provides an amazing full body workout and is often overlooked by retirees. It works on your core muscles and gives the rest of your body a balanced workout, which is unique from any other activity. On top of that, swimming is low impact so is very forgiving for those who have any joint pains or arthritis. It can also provide incredible improvements for those with chronic back pain. This can be a solitary or a group activity. Visit your local leisure centre for offers on membership or for aqua aerobics classes for a more sociable experience.

3. Cycling

Cycling is another low-impact option for either moderate or intense exercise (if you’re feeling brave!). It’s a wonderful workout for your legs and can really get the pulse going. If you enjoy feeling the breeze on your face then this could be the sport for you. Keeping a car is very expensive and if you just need the odd trip to the corner shop then cycling can be the perfect solution. Try a trip to your local bike shop for some expert advice on what’s right for you.

4. Yoga

Popular amongst men and women of all ages, Yoga provides a stress relieving experience and a full-body workout simultaneously. Yoga develops your core muscles and adds a moderate level of cardiovascular activity to your routine. It can also alleviate all the new aches and pains you start to feel in your later life. This is a fantastic exercise for mind and body. It is a standard class in leisure centres across the UK anddon’t be afraid if you are a beginner as they will have different classes to make you feel comfortable.

5. Hobbies

Finally, do something fun! Start a new activity or pick up something you haven’t done for a while. Whether it’s dancing or golf, everything helps. Exercise isn’t about forcing yourself into monotonous activities. It’s about a lifestyle change so make sure it’s less of a chore than something you do to feel good about yourself. Retirement is about enjoying life and your exercise routine should be too.

Exercise provides many benefits. The physical challenge, the social reward, and the stress relief from our favourite activities without a doubt leave us feeling better-off. Make sure you choose what’s right for you!

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