Facilities at our Retirement Apartments

Many people considering retirement living are unaware of the amazing facilities that are available outside of our apartments. While we pride ourselves on providing beautiful living spaces, it is important to highlight the other areas we focus on to ensure the highest quality of life for all of our Owners.

1. The Lodge Manager

The Lodge Manager is a vital member of the Churchill Retirement Living community. If you have any questions or queries, they are happy to help. They also help to run activities so make sure you speak to them if you have any ideas. If you are going away, you needn’t stress about whether you’ve left the lights on or forgotten to close a window. The Lodge Manager will keep an eye on your apartment for you to provide you with peace of mind all holiday long.

2. Communal Gardens

During the beautiful summer days, sitting and relaxing in the garden with a cool drink is a great way to while away the hours. As we get older, we may feel as though the management of a large garden is very tiring and too much of a commitment. At our Lodges, we have a fantastic Communal Gardens which you can enjoy without the upkeep. It provides a fantastic retreat for you and a great visiting place for family and friends.

3. The Owners’ Lounge

The Owners’ Lounge is a very popular communal area. It’s a great venue for entertaining and taking part in fantastic activities organised by the Lodge Manager. It also allows for a retreat for taking some quiet time out for yourself. It is comfortable and beautifully furnished and is the hub of the fantastic social life that our Owners enjoy.

4. Guest Suite

Whether you have a spare room for guests or not, having space for friends and family to stay is nothing to worry about. Our Lodges have a Guest Suite available so that your nearest and dearest can enjoy the lodge with you. This is available by advanced booking through the Lodge Manager.

5. Wellbeing Suite

Some of our developments offer a Wellbeing Suite for our Owners. These offer hairdressing, beauty therapy and treatment facilities on site for your convenience. This helps you to look your best and is a great places to meet up for some pampering and a chat.

For a better idea of the facilities, visit our Apartments for Sale page and arrange a visit to one of our developments

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