Food trends in 2016: The benefits of coconut and avocado

Over the past couple of months, coconut and avocado have become the next big food trends. It would seem that finally, the world has discovered not only how delicious these fruits are, but also how amazingly good for our bodies they can be.

If you want to keep up with the food trends of 2016 and give your body a health boost, it’s time to start stockpiling coconut and avocado. Want to know more about why coconut and avocado are so good for you? Here’s everything that you need to know:

What makes avocado a superfood?

For a moment, let’s put the health benefits aside and talk flavour. One of the main reasons avocado has become such a popular food, is because of how versatile it is. From salads and sandwiches to cakes and biscuits, avocado is an incredibly diverse ingredient. There are so many amazing recipes for cooking with avocado; it's an awesome ingredient.

Of course, the main reason avocado has been named as one of the most popular superfoods is because of its incredible health benefits. Studies have shown that avocado can help to prevent cancer, osteoporosis, and a range of other chronic diseases. It’s also a fantastic natural detoxifier, helping to aid weight loss, as well as digestive problems.

Because avocado is packed full of nutrients, it’s an amazing immune system booster. Plus, when eaten in moderation it also helps to control high cholesterol. As well as these health benefits, avocado is amazing for skin and hair health and can be used in many ways. From skin cleansing and anti-ageing to protecting and conditioning hair, avocado is a very versatile food.

Why is coconut a major food trend?

From coconut water or coconut oil, no part of this fruit needs to be left unused. The health benefits and uses of coconut seem to be endless, and the same goes for its uses. Suitable for use in cleaning, cooking, or for cosmetic purposes, is there anything this awesome fruit can’t do? Just like avocado, coconut is incredibly versatile when it comes to cooking. From porridge to stew, coconut has a place in a wide variety of recipes.

As mentioned above, coconut has endless health benefits and uses. From being an incredible immune system booster, to being used for oil pulling, coconut can be used for almost anything! The main benefits of this power food are that it’s an antioxidant, aids weight loss, speeds up injury healing, and helps to control blood sugar.

Another major benefit of coconut is that it has anti-inflammatory properties. Just like avocado, coconut is also amazing for the hair and skin. Offering hydration, anti-ageing protection and skin rejuvenation, it’s a favourite in the beauty industry.

If you want to be healthier in 2016, avocado and coconut are two foods to add to your shopping list. There are so many ways that you can use them, so feel the benefits and add them to your diet.

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