Get Creative with our Simple Craft Ideas

Now that the weather is changing, many of us may be limited in the hobbies that we generally enjoy in the brighter months such as gardening or playing golf. It can leave you at a loose end in the evenings and have you pining for spring all winter long. Now is the time to think about a new hobby, some kind of project to keep you occupied. Creating homemade crafts is a great way to spend rainy days in and can help you to get imaginative.

Lots of people shy away from arts and crafts, believing that they’re not talented enough. You really don’t have to be a master of art to make something fantastic. You can start with something simple and increase the complexity of each project when you are more certain of your skills. If you needs some ideas of some great start up projects, take a look at some of our suggestions:

1. Knitting

Knitting is a favourite craft of ours and it really is gaining in popularity amongst the young and old. Winter is the perfect time to start this craft as not only is it fun; it also makes for some great presents for your friends and family. What could be better than a gift made with love, so why not try out a simple scarf or hat design? There’s still time to get crafting before Christmas! For some more inspiration and advice, read our previous post on the benefits of knitting.

2. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a great hobby which provides an ongoing project which you can pick up and carry on whenever you feel like it. You can base your scrap book on anything you wish, from hobbies to family. Print off some of your favourite pictures, or pick some old favourites from you photo albums. Add notes to these to remind yourself in later years of the people and places you’ve been to. Finish off with some decorative touches such as ribbon and trimmings to make it a bit more special. Many people enjoy filling out a scrapbook detailing their travels. If you’re into travelling, keep hold of all your ticket stubs, brochures and keepsakes. When you put them together in a scrapbook, your holiday memories will come to life each time you revisit it.

3. Creative Writing

Seniors are respected for their wisdom and knowledge. The silver generation are one of the fastest growing in many creative writing communities such as blogging. You could try writing a guest blog or creating your own. More traditionally, you can send in a piece to your local newspaper or even a fiction piece to your favourite magazine. You will get a great sense of satisfaction seeing something you’ve written published. You may even get paid! Writing is a great creative outlet and can also be a way to expand your knowledge on many topics. If you are stuck when thinking of ideas to write on, think about your hobbies, interests, or general thoughts.

4. Card Making

These days, with the advances in technology, many people have stopped sending each other cards on special occasions, favouring social media “happy birthday” posts or e-cards. Any hobby and craft shop will have a whole host of beautiful cards making items, from coloured paper to ribbons and trimmings. Getting crafty and creating some unique cards is a fun pastime for those of all skill sets. Sending someone a card will really brighten up their day and make a difference from the bills and junk mail that they usually get through the post. Use this as an opportunity to connect with old friends or for special family occasions. 

5. Make a Collage

You may associate making a collage with an old school project, but they are becoming increasingly popular. You can make something simple with pictures of you and your loved ones, just like a scrapbook but as something that you can enjoy every day hung on your wall. If you want something a little more different, try creating a collage of a picture. You can choose a seen such as a landscape r go for something abstract, there really are no limits. The best thing about a collage is you can mix all kinds of mediums such as fabric and paint.

This is the perfect season to start broadening your creative mind and getting crafty. Your home and the homes of your nearest and dearest will soon be full of beautiful handmade gifts!

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