Handmade Gift Ideas

Christmas is a time to bring together the ones closest to you. It’s easy to get swept away with the commercial side of things and end up spending a fortune on gifts that may end up unused or unwanted. The best gifts are the ones full of thought and personal touches. There’s still time to make some beautiful yet easy handmade Christmas gifts.

For Family:

Recipe Book

Everybody loves a home cooked meal and we all have our family favourite. Do you constantly have your children calling up for your tips on how to make the perfect Victoria sponge or savoury pie? Why don’t you pass on this precious knowledge for life? You can do this by making your own recipe book. Take some time to think of your favourite recipes and special tips and tricks you’ve learnt over the years. You can buy a recipe file (Paperchase have some lovely designs) in a shop and then spend some time writing out your recipes. It’s even more unique and special if your recipes are hand written. This can be passed on to your grandchildren and great grandchildren for years to come.

Homemade Slippers

If you’re not confident at knitting or sewing, these are a great alternative. Felt slippers are great stocking fillers for all your family to have toasty feet on Christmas morning. All it requires is some basic stitching. Make everyone a pair with their favourite colour or decorate them all to match – you’ll need thick felt, strong thread, a sewing kit and access to a printer to get the pattern. Learn how to do it with the Martha Stewart tutorial.

Knitted Treats

It may seem a bit late to get started on a knitting project, but little items take no time at all for a seasoned knitter. Think of your grandchildren and try to make something simple. Matching hats and mittens are always winners. You can make something very simple which will take no time at all and add some store-bought embellishments to make them unique. Try adding ribbons, buttons and bows to girls hats and mittens and some iron on patches for boys.

For Friends:

Pin Cushion Jars

These are lovely gifts for friends who are in to sewing and crafts. Perhaps you have friends at a sewing club that you want to get a gift for? It’s simple to do. First, buy a mason jar (from Hobbycraft or craft shops) and remove the lid. Take off the seal and cut a circle of pretty fabric and a wodge of cotton wool, wadding or wool fibres. Place the wool on top of the circular seal and cover with your large circle of fabric. Use tape to secure the fabric underneath the circle to make a raised pin cushion. Then screw on the lid and add some pretty pins. Fill your jars with buttons or ribbons and lace for a lovely gift for crafty people. Watch this video for a step by step tutorial.


There’s nothing better than a beautiful hamper bursting with homemade treats. Christmas is the perfect time to indulge in some delicious food and you can share your cooking skills with all your loved ones. Find some wicker baskets or trays in your local garden centre or even charity shops. You can use some coloured cellophane which you can find in florists and some pretty ribbon from craft shops to give it a festive feel. You can tailor your hamper to suit your friend’s tastes. If they like cheese, try adding some homemade chutneys and crackers. If they prefer something sweet, add some cookies or cake. For some great ideas and recipes, see the BBC Good Food site.

Make this Christmas a homemade Christmas. Top up on gifts you need to buy with something unique and personal. These are the kinds of gifts that can be cherished the most. 


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