Health Benefits of Keeping House Plants in your Retirement Home

Indoor plants can be a great addition to your retirement apartment. While you can enjoy our beautiful landscape gardens outdoors, indoor plants are easy to look after and brighten up your home. As well as looking beautiful, there are many health benefits attached to plants which are often overlooked. Here are some that can really make a difference in your later years.

1. Breathing Easier

As we get older, we become more prone to breathing problems. It’s important that we surround ourselves with the best environment possible for our health.  Indoor plants create oxygen and lower the carbon dioxide level, so you’re breathing in fresh air inside as well as outside. Breathing clearer can also help you to sleep soundly. Some plants, like gerbera daisies, release oxygen at night, so place them by your bed for a peaceful slumber.

2. Reduce Colds, Coughs and Dry Skin

Retirement years are a time to enjoy your life to the full and there’s nothing like a nasty cold or cough to get you feeling down. Now it’s the height of summer, the air is becoming dry which can take its toll on your health. Dry skin, colds and dry coughs are common at this time of year when atmosphere is dusty. Plants such as the areca palm from Madagascar release a large amount of the water they absorb. This helps to settle dust and hydrate your home keeping you looking and feeling great.

3. Remove Toxins from the Air

If you have sensitive skin and allergies, it may not just be a case of what you eat or the washing powder you use. Everyday items in your home can produce toxins in the air which can cause these irritations. As well as producing their own oxygen, some plants help to filter air. They can also reduce the toxins from cigarette smoke. So if you’re a smoker or live with one, try keeping an easy to care for rubber plant. It can make all the difference and look fantastic too.

Investing in some indoor greenery can provide you with a great hobby and liven up your home this summer. Additionally, plants can help improve your health and wellbeing all year round. Head down to your local garden centre and pick something perfect for your retirement home.

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