Impulsive retirees break the stereotype in Gillingham

The over-60s are supposed to be prudent, careful and considered. So why, when Richard and Ann Ashwood popped out to buy some bananas, did they come back with a brand new apartment?

The couple bought a two bedroom retirement property at Churchill Retirement Living’s Royal Lodge in Gillingham in October. They moved in by November and are delighted with their spur of the moment decision.

Mrs Ashwood, 64, said: “We had been away for a few days and needed some bananas and to post a letter. The post-box was near Royal Lodge so we thought we’d just pop in off the street and have a look around.

“We had no intention of moving whatsoever. We owned a bungalow in Gillingham and were quite happy. But we looked round Royal Lodge and loved it. We decided there and then that we would buy a property, but we thought we ought to be sensible and chat it over. We went for a quick coffee and came straight back to say ‘yes!’

Mrs Ashwood, who is a retired retail manager, and Mr Ashwood, 67, who worked for BT, have two sons, one in Yeovil and one who lives in Holland with his family. They do consider themselves to be an impulsive couple.

Mrs Ashwood said: “We have bought a car off the cuff before, but this was probably the quickest, and biggest, decision we have ever made in our lives.”

If you’re an impulsive couple, speed is of the essence so the Ashwoods took advantage of Churchill’s popular Home Exchange scheme where Churchill acts as a cash buyer for your existing property and you receive up to £10,000 off the purchase price. 

Mr Ashwood said: “Churchill bought our property from us and this made our move happen really quickly. It gave us the peace of mind that everything was happening as it should and we were able to move in six weeks.”

Now the couple has moved in they are enjoying all the benefits of living at Royal Lodge.

Mrs Ashwood added: “We are enjoying being nearer to town as I don’t drive and it means I can walk into Gillingham without having to arrange a lift. Everyone is so friendly here and we’re enjoying being part of the community.”

Spencer McCarthy, Chairman and Group Managing Director for Churchill said: “We’re delighted to welcome the Ashwoods to Royal Lodge. Some Owners know instantly that they wish to buy at one of our developments. For other people it takes more time to think everything through.  

“We have a selection of services, from helping you sell your existing property or assisting you with your moving day, to providing you with financial support - should you need it. They’re all designed to alleviate worry and uncertainty and make your move happen as quickly and cost effectively as possible, whilst our team is here to offer you support and guidance, every step of the way.”

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