It's Never Too Late - 5 Top Tips on Stopping Smoking

Smoking is a terrible habit, yet it's one that many of us can't seem to quit. You might think that it's too late to give up, but you couldn't be more wrong. When you stop smoking, you will see some clear improvements to your health. Kicking the habit can give you a new lease of life, make you feel energetic and improve your mood.

There is no doubt that the habit is awful for you. Smoking can cause an array of horrible conditions, such as cancer and heart problems. If you want to avoid such things, you need to find a way to wean yourself from the addiction. It will not be easy, but it will be well worth your time. Once you have set a definite date to stop from - you can begin to move towards it.

Remember, you can do anything if you put your mind to it. If you're ready to make a positive change in your life, let's get started.

1. Figure out when you crave cigarettes

One of the things that all smokers find is that they fall into a pattern when it comes to having cigarettes. There is likely a particular time of day when you always crave a cigarette. For example, many people smoke when they drink their morning coffee. Other people find that they fancy a quick cigarette after meal times. If you can figure out when you need them the most, you can find ways to avoid them. All too often, people get into a routine, and that is as hard to break as the addiction. You might find that your smoking is an automatic reaction to your lifestyle. If you mix up the way you do things, it might be a huge help.

2. Get support from friends and family members

The people around you care about you and, in particular, your health. Social support is critical when you're trying to do something that does not feel natural to you. If you let your friends and family help you, they will be the greatest tool you have. Tell them what your goal is and when you hope to achieve it. The people in your life will want nothing more but to help and support you along the way. If you ever feel weak, it will help to talk to them about it. They will help you stay on track when it all gets too much.

3. Exercise as much as often as you can

Many studies have found that when you exercise, it decreases your cravings for ciggarettes. If you find that you need to smoke each day, you need to find a way to quash those feelings. Take up a new sport or take a short walk when you get cravings. Whatever exercise you find suits the way you feel, do it. The sooner you begin to get active, the sooner you can ditch your habit for good. This tip is also great as it means that you will start to become healthier. There are many different sports or groups you might want to join. Head down to the local gym and see what they have for you.

4. Keep busy and distract yourself

Do you smoke when you have nothing better to do? All too often, people light a cigarette because they are bored. The best thing you can do for yourself is to find things that distract you. Much of the time, smokers need to do something with their hands so that they don't feel like smoking. You could take up knitting or even something creative like painting. When you have other things to do, you will hardly notice your cravings. Busy people don't have time to smoke. The more things you pack into your day, the less you will have a need for smoking.

5. Stay positive no matter what

This tip might be the hardest of all. When things get tough, you have to stay positive. Remember why you want to quit. You care about your health. That means that you understand the benefits of being a non-smoker. Sometimes, you will feel a little low. When you cut anything out of your lifestyle, it can hit you in a serious way. When everything feels like it is too hard, you need to reach out to people. The people around you will help you no matter what. You must never isolate yourself, or you will only make things worse. Remember, you can quit smoking if you just keep at it.

So, are you ready to get rid of a nasty habit and improve your quality of life? Well, there is no time like the present.




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