Keep Active with your Grandchildren thanks to the National Trust

One of the best things about retirement is being able to spend quality time with your family, especially your grandchildren. When we recall our childhood, grazed knees, muddy clothes and wasp stings were everyday hazards for rowdy boys and girls. However, recent studies by the National Trust have shown that this is a thing of the past. With the rise of computer games and over-cautious parents, it seems fewer youngsters are venturing into the great outdoors.

The research found that less than one in 10 children regularly play in wild places, a third have never climbed a tree and one in 10 can’t ride a bike. Most shockingly, the findings showed that three times as many children are taken to hospital after falling out of bed.

The National Trust have launched a fantastic campaign nationwide to get kids outside, having adventures and exploring just as they should be. The new list challenges children to tick off all 50 old-fashioned pursuits. Here are some of our favourites for you to try. 

1. Go on a Bike Ride

What better way to spend time with your grandchildren than to teach them a life skill? Take a long cycle through the country with a picnic full of goodies. You can help inspire the thrill of adventure and may even revitalise it in yourself while you’re at it!

2. Plant it, Grow it, Eat it

You’d be surprised at how many children don’t know the name of most fruit and vegetables, let alone where they come from! Perhaps you have green fingers and enjoy growing your own in an allotment somewhere. Bring the grandchildren along and let them taste the sense of achievement from their hard work.

3. Make a Home for a Wild Animal

Think back to your old woodwork classes and help your grandkids to make their very own nest box. Give nature a new home and spend some quality time together. You’ll have them coming back every weekend when they see their project being enjoyed by some feathery friends.

These are just some of the wonderful activities suggested. If you’re short of ideas for what to do with your grandchildren, look at the National Trust’s site and help them get started!


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