Learn how to be a Good Grandparent with “Granny’s Survival Guide”

If you’re looking for a good read to dip in and out of, try “The New Granny’s Survival Guide” from Gransnet.

Gransnet is a social networking site dedicated to Britain's 14 million grandparents. It’s a great site which covers news, culture, health, relationship and much more! Its forums allow fellow grandparents to share their own personal experiences and connect with each other. It’s thanks to all of these grandparents that they have been able to put together this fantastic book. 

The book covers topics for becoming a new Grandparent to being a Grandparent and answers questions related to young Grandchildren, older Grandchildren and the different situations that any Gran may find themselves in. Here are just a few of the insightful topics covered:

1. Top tips for entertaining your grandchildren

As grandparents we all want to make the most of the precious family time we get to spend with our grandchildren. The trouble with kids these days is needing to be constantly entertained. In a world full of video games and television it’s impossible to keep up! Looking back, children were playing outside more and being entertained by whatever they had around them. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what kids like to do nowadays. This book provides some fantastic comments on what to get up to with advice from “real” grannies just like you!

2. How to Deal with Bad Behaviour

It can be difficult to deal with grandchildren and their bad behaviour. You may feel as if it’s better to have a hands-on approach when it comes to teaching them right and wrong or to leave it to their parents. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to bite your tongue and when to offer help and advice.  These difficult topics are discussed and some great insights are given.

3. Being a Grandparent with a Disability

Becoming a grandparent is a great time in your life and you of course want to do the best you can. Being able to be an active part in your grandchild’s life can seem like a difficult task to handle when you have physical limitations. This book gives some great encouragement and support. It also provides some personal experiences from those in this position which can really boost your confidence.

So whether you’re looking for a light-hearted read or you’re actively searching for great advice, make sure you pick up a copy soon. It’s available on Amazon and in selected bookshops across the UK. 

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