Love of theatre and travel brought two Owners together

When Maggie Munro was looking on the internet for friendship and theatre trips after losing her husband, she did not think, for one moment, that she would meet a new partner that way. Meanwhile, Don Munro had picked up her notification and contacted Maggie saying that he was a friend of the local Woking theatre and would welcome the company on his regular visits there. They started emailing each other ten years ago and are now happily married and living together in Churchill Retirement Living’s Beaufort Lodge in Woking.

Maggie continues the story; “At the time I was living in a wing of my daughter’s house and Don was living in Shepperton, having also been widowed. We emailed one another for a while and then met for a drink - and discovered not only that we got on well, but that both our sons had been together in the Marines as well as theFalklands and knew each other! We started seeing one another regularly and eventually went away for a weekend together which was a disaster as so many things went wrong, including the car being broken in to, but we were able to laugh about it all.   We went away again for Don’s birthday and had the loveliest weekend and decided that we wanted to do more travelling together.”

Since first meeting, Don and Maggie have travelled far and wide and have been all over the World, as well as on several cruises. They married 18 months ago – Don had been asking Maggie for years – in fact, he posed the question each year on their respective birthdays in April and eventually in 2011 she said yes!   “We ran away to Florida to get married and our cousin did the service and we came home to the UK for a big party with all our family and friends.”

It was after getting married that they thought they should finally look for their own place to live. Maggie had been living with her daughter and over the years had been able to provide a lot of help and support to the family whilst her son in law travelled with his job, but the grandchildren were grown up now and Don was on his own in his house in Shepperton. They started looking for a flat together in the Woking area and soon spotted an ad in the local paper for Churchill Retirement Living’s Beaufort Lodge and fell in love with the place on their first visit. They took their family to see the Lodge and it was not long before they signed up for a two bedroom apartment.

Living at Beaufort Lodge suits the couple down to the ground. They continue to travel extensively and can relax knowing that everything is secure and well looked after during long periods away. When they are at home, they love the convenience of its location and regularly walk into town, go shopping and out for meals, have a drink and walk home afterwards. They still love going to the theatre and like using the local leisure centre which is a short walk away through the park. Maggie said “The station is 5 mins away, a wonderful service, less than ½ hr to Waterloo, making day trips to London really easy. Also all the buses leave from there and there is a bus to Heathrow, so we have everything on our door stop and we don’t use our car nearly so much”.

“We have such fun together, we laugh a lot, are very active and consider ourselves fortunate to have not only met one another but to have found such a lovely home together too. When we are in the UK, we like to get involved with all the activities at the Lodge and meeting up with the other Owners. Only the other week we all got together for a visiting singer who sang Sinatra songs and we all had a good sing along. As we are one of the more active couples at the Lodge we like to feel we can help some of the others at the Lodge who are not so able and will hopefully be able to help ‘Tony’ our lovely Lodge Manager organise a few events or maybe a trip to the Theatre”.

The couple have recently discovered that they are distantly related!   Whilst doing his genealogy, Don found out that the Munro’s lived right next to the Sutherlands (Maggie’s maiden name) in Scotland and that her great, great, great grandfather married his great, great, great grandmother.   Don’s and Maggie’s union was obviously meant to be!


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