Clearing the path to your new home

I work with many clients who tell me the job ‘is in hand’ or ‘there isn’t much to do’. They are not putting the job off or being lazy, but may be guilty of not realising how many belongings they actually own.

I tested my theory on my husband and asked him what was in our sitting room.

He forgot three lamps, 2 coffee tables and a footstool! The point being we are so familiar with our homes we don’t see what is there. A good example is the kitchen. Most of my clients tell me from the start that they use everything in the kitchen, then we start the job of opening cupboard doors and getting down on my hands and knees and pulling out huge casserole dishes that were last used in the year dot! ‘Oh – I forgot I had that’ is often heard. Downsizing is not a matter of throwing away, it is often an opportunity to reacquaint yourself with what you own and then decide which of the many casserole dishes you will need in your new home. Then it is an opportunity to pass on and give to charity, family and friends.

Step 1

Examine the contents of each cupboard; do I really use it, do I need it, could it benefit someone else?

Step 2

Have three bags ready, one for charity, one for the bin and one for friends, anything you are not keeping can go straight in the suitable bag.

Step 3

Promise yourself to do one cupboard a day.

Step 4

Make a list of every piece of furniture by room and decide what to keep – let friends and family know what you are not keeping and after that perhaps a gift to charity would be a good idea.

Step 5

Get help – working with a friend, a relative or a senior move professional will mean the job can get done quicker and can be fun.

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By Amanda Fyfe