Lodge Manager Ann goes the extra mile to arrange vaccinations at Woolmans Lodge

Apartment Owners at Churchill Retirement Living’s Woolmans Lodge in Shirley benefited from a temporary vaccination centre being set up in the development’s Owners’ Lounge, making it easier, quicker and safer for them to receive their second Covid-19 jabs.

The initiative was made possible thanks to the efforts of Lodge Manager Ann Charles, who explains: “Many of my apartment Owners were facing a trip up to Millennium Point in Birmingham to get their second jabs, which is not the easiest of places for them to get to. After a lot of organisation with Solihull Health Practice, the wonderful Dr Russell pulled out all the stops to help us. I was so pleased to help enable 20 of my Owners to receive their second COVID vaccinations here in the Lodge this week. They are all very happy bunnies to have it done and dusted by Easter.”

Developments like Woolmans Lodge have proven to be very safe places to live throughout the pandemic thanks to the excellent safety measures, the hard work of Lodge Managers like Ann, and the secure, self-contained nature of this type of accommodation. This has meant the rate of Covid-19 infections among Churchill Owners has remained less than a third of that seen across the wider UK population, and safety and wellbeing continues to be a top priority.

Woolmans Lodge is located near the heart of Shirley, close to shops and amenities and perfectly located for local transport links. The Lodge comprises 49 private, self-contained apartments with spacious rooms throughout, considerately designed with the over 60s in mind, and a warm, comfortable Owners’ Lounge where regular social events will start up again as soon as Covid restrictions allow.