Retirement Education: 7 adult education courses worth taking in 2015

The thought of studying in your retirement may seem a little absurd for some, but believe it or not, there is a rapidly growing community of people in their retirement, who are actively looking for adult education classes. At Churchill, we believe age is only a number and we encourage everybody and anybody to pursue their educational dreams. That is why we have composed a list of the 7 most interesting adult education classes, you may interested in taking this year!

1. Cookery Courses

Have you ever wanted to cook up a storm in the kitchen and create some World class cuisine, but never had the time nor skills to do so? Well then how about taking up a cookery class. Cooking is a brilliant way to explore new tastes, sensations and is also a great way to de-stress. Whether you are interested in British, Italian, Asian or any other cuisine, Cooking can be extremely enjoyable and the rewards are delicious!

2. Finance Courses

Maybe you’ve thought about managing your money in a more frugal manner? Being careful with your pension fund is a great trait for anyone to have. Taking an accountancy and personal finance course will go a long way in providing you with the new skill to get the most out of your money. You never know, you could actually have a knack for numbers and these kinds of courses can open up new worlds for you!

3. Health and Wellness Courses

Taking care of our health and wellbeing should be the number one priority for everyone who wants to live a happy and healthy life. Courses such as Meditation, weight loss, massages and even personal grooming are wonderful ways to enlighten ourselves on our own wellbeing. Health and wellbeing courses could make all the difference from keeping different diseases and viruses away and educate us on a healthier lifestyle.

4. Philosophy and Religion Courses

For those of us who are more of the deep thinker type rather than the health addict, then why not take a look at a Philosophy or a Religion course? Questions about our own mortality can seem daunting and definite answers may be hard to come by, but philosophy and religious courses are a great way to try something new and challenge our perceptions of the World we live in.  After all, these courses also help us understand other cultures and lifestyles – not just the beliefs.

5. Language Courses

If you’ve always wanted to travel the World and experience new foods and cultures but never quite got round to it, then now is a brilliant time to start. And what better way to get ready for this than by taking a language course. By taking up a basic foreign language course, you can enrich your vocabulary to help you communicate with your new foreign friends and acquaintances on your travels. After all, it is said that being bilingual is the sign of a healthy mind.  

6. IT Courses

The World is moving at a phenomenal rate in terms of technology and it can be quite scary for some of us. There is always a new piece of technology that we have to keep up to date with or a new computer language to learn. Learning the latest technology takes time. So why not try out an IT course can become tech literate? You can learn how to integrate computer devices such as iPads and tablets into your life and make your day-to-day routine a little bit easier.

7. Performing Arts and Entertainment Courses

Have you ever had a passion for the theatre or performing arts? Taking entertainment courses, such as learning how to play the guitar or dance the samba can bring new joys into your life and open up new passions and feelings you never knew existed. Sign up for drama class, or ignite your inner comic with some stand up classes. These type of classes can provide a great laugh and can also unlock the cultural side to you.

These are just some of the courses available for adults at most education institutions in the UK. 

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