Adeline starts a new chapter at Abingdon’s Albert Lodge

Adeline Stunell is enjoying her Churchill Retirement Living apartment at Albert Lodge in Abingdon, where she is making a fresh start in a new place - just like her Huguenot ancestors.

“After living in my old house for 30 years I wanted a brand new place with no responsibility for maintenance or upkeep,” she explains. “Apart from it all being brand new, one of the nicest things about living here is the sense of friendship and informal support from my new neighbours. We usually have a jigsaw on the go in the Owners’ Lounge and we can come and go as we please. It’s been great getting to know people and we’re all getting along very well.”

One topic that has sparked conversation is Adeleine’s unusual surname, which she can trace back through the centuries. “The name Stunell is most likely an anglicisation of the French name D’Estournelle,” she explains. “I’ve traced my family ancestry back to 1802 when my great great grandfather was born in Westminster. I believe he was the son of Huguenots who had settled here after fleeing France in the 17th Century. Unfortunately the records are difficult to trace back any further, but I’ve uncovered other interesting family connections, including a link to a house in Brighton that was owned by King George IV. My great great grandmother died there and was likely to have been in service as a member of the household.”

Having looked into her family’s past, Adeline is now far more interested in looking forward to her future at Albert Lodge. “It’s great being in the town centre so everything I need is right on my doorstep,” she says. “I enjoy line dancing twice a week and meeting up with friends both in Abingdon and further afield, as well as here at the Lodge. My new lifestyle is everything I expected it to be and I’m looking forward to welcoming more new neighbours to become a part of our growing community.”