Anne Claire moved from a large, detached house with a garden to Tebbutt Lodge in Market Harborough at the beginning of 2021.

While the extra space in the house was fantastic when she had children and grandchildren, Anne found it increasingly difficult to maintain the property. When Covid-19 hit, like so many people, Anne found the social isolation tough. So, she decided to make a change.

She looked at a range of flats and bungalows, and when she saw Churchill, she knew it was right.  Now that she’s moved, she couldn’t be happier. She is delighted with the help she received, particularly when decluttering her old house. She loves all the social events she can get involved in, and it’s a relief to know her children don’t worry about her anymore. 

“I was managing well in my old house, and I was very keen to keep that independence. Churchill was fantastic in that sense. I would be independent, close to the shops, and could have visitors whenever I wanted. There are also beautiful gardens here. When I moved, my daughter could see I was happy; it just felt right.

“Churchill helped hugely in downsizing. They recommended solicitors and brought in downsizing experts to help me sort through my belongings, something I found difficult. If I had my time again, I would have downsized a lot sooner and whittled my stuff down. That would be my advice to anyone else. All in all, I couldn’t recommend retirement living enough.”