Barry gets more help than he expected with his move to Perran Lodge

Retired firefighter Barry Perkins enjoyed an “absolutely marvellous” move to his brand new apartment at Perran Lodge in Newquay, thanks to the help he received from the Churchill team and a specialist Senior Move Adviser, who took care of things for him every step of the way. The extra support was provided by The Senior Move Partnership, who are there to support Churchill Customers with every aspect of their move, from planning what furniture to bring, to providing an extra pair of hands on the day.

“I wasn’t expecting to get so much help!” Barry explains. “It meant little or no concern, I could just relax and let other people take care of the details – like the 32 letters to banks and utilities that were sorted for me. They couldn’t have done anything more for me, and it was great having someone to say ‘Sit down and leave it all to us!’”

After being widowed unexpectedly three years ago, Barry wanted to make a fresh start in a place that held fond memories. “We lived in Newquay for 15 years before moving back to the north with my job,” he says. “I spent 32 years in the fire brigade and it took me all around the country, so I’ve moved house lots of times before, but never on my own. My wife was always the one who would take charge of things, so it was a bit daunting thinking I’d have to do it all without her. That’s why it was so lovely to have it all taken care of for me, and I was kept informed throughout so I knew what was happening.”

“The removal company gave lots of helpful advice, and when it came to moving day my Senior Move Adviser Kim was there as an extra pair of hands to make the whole day run smoothly. I also got to stay in the Lodge’s Guest Suite the night before I moved in, which was just what I needed after a long journey from Lancashire down to Cornwall. Just another thing that was just taken care of without me having to worry about it.”

Now that he’s settled in, Barry is looking forward to getting to know his new neighbours at Perran Lodge and becoming an active member of the community as social activities in the Owners’ Lounge start up once again post-Covid. He is also keen to thank Lodge Manager Jayne for making sure day-to-day life at Perran Lodge has been enjoyable from day one. “She has been very helpful and good at circulating information – everyone seemed to know who I was as soon as I arrived!”