Carol’s move to Beatrice Lodge brings benefits for the whole family

Carol Emanuel recently downsized to a brand new apartment at Churchill Retirement Living’s new Beatrice Lodge development in Sittingbourne. Now she’s settled in and enjoying her new lifestyle, and the move has brought benefits for her whole family.

“I used to live in a large house in Rainham, which is a short drive from here,” explains Carol. “I’d lived there for many years so it had a lot of memories and I didn’t really want to leave, but the stairs were getting harder to manage, and the garden was quite a lot for me to look after. Luckily we found the perfect solution, as my granddaughter bought my old house from me. That meant I could downsize and move here, but I still get to go back and visit, plus it’s helped her and her family move to a place that’s right for them. It’s an ideal solution for everybody.”

Now I’ve moved here it’s great not having to worry any more about the responsibility of looking after the house.

There are lots of nice finishing touches in my new apartment, and you can see that everything’s been thought about. I’m settling in nicely and looking forward to meeting more new neighbours as the other apartments start to fill up. I’m also enjoying my lovely south-facing balcony, where I’ll be soaking up the sun when the warmer months come around.

Carol’s daughter Lisa is a regular visitor, and agrees that the move has been a positive one for everyone. She adds: “The four generations of our family are still close and we often get together, whether it’s to go shopping or just spend time catching up. We know mum is safe and happy here, and it’s nice to see her old house full of new family members who are making it their own.”

Great-granddaughter Poppy also enjoys coming to visit Beatrice Lodge, riding up in the lift and taking in the view from her great-grandma’s balcony. “We’ve been teaching Poppy how to play chess as there’s a board in the Owners’ Lounge,” says Carol. “She’s already better at it than me!”

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