Family fun across the generations at Amelia Lodge

As the first Owner to move into Churchill’s new Amelia Lodge development in Henleaze, 73-year old Edward Soloman has quickly settled in and made new friends. His new apartment has also become a home from home for his grandson Daniel, whose cheeky smile and exceptional manners ensure that he is an equally popular member of the thriving new retirement community.

Daniel spends two days a week with his grandad while his mum and dad are at work in Bristol and it’s an ideal arrangement which suits everyone. He provides charming company for Mr Soloman, and all the other Owners love having him around. When Daniel’s familiar footsteps are heard skipping towards the Owners’ Lounge there is often a biscuit or a piece of cake awaiting him whilst others enjoy a coffee and a chat. He also enjoys visiting the nearby park with his grandad, or occasionally accompanying him on a bus ride into town or an adventure further afield on the train.

Mr Soloman says:

It’s a pleasure looking after Daniel, we get on really well and I’m glad to be able to support my daughter and her husband by having him here a couple of days a week. Since I’ve moved to Amelia Lodge it’s really convenient for them to drop him off first thing in the morning, and I’m an early riser anyway so I’m always up to meet him. He loves coming up in the lift to my apartment and playing with the collection of toys I keep here for him, and when we meet fellow Owners he’s generally very polite and well behaved so he seems to be quite popular!

Lodge Manager Alison Speechly added: “It’s lovely to see Daniel around the place having fun with his grandad, and the other Owners really enjoy spending time with him too. He’s a real sweetie, and the way he fits in is a testament to the family atmosphere and the relaxed, friendly lifestyle we’re creating here.”

Daniel’s mum Heather added: “Daniel really looks forward to spending two days a week with his grandad – and the other Owners and staff that he has made friends with! He loves Grandad’s ‘New House’ (I’m sure he thinks he owns the whole building) and it’s lovely to know that they are both happy and settled into the new surroundings, ready to go off on their next adventure and make even more memories. We are very lucky to have Dad to help us out while we are at work, and feel that the two of them have a very special bond.”

To find out more about Amelia Lodge, visit the show complex open Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00am to 5.00pm, call 01173 215 232 or click here.