How to stay active and engaged in retirement

Retirement might feel like a great opportunity to enjoy your freedom, but many retirees struggle to answer a big question - what is there to do next? Without the routine of work life to keep you in place, it’s easy to get into a situation where you feel bored and detached from your retirement lifestyle.

However, there are loads of ways that you can keep yourself occupied and find meaning in life after work. Here are some the best ways to stay active and engaged in your retirement years:

Join a club or group

Without the regular interactions you have with your work colleagues, the transition from work life to retirement can be a bit of a shock to the system. However, joining a social group can help soften the blow by helping you to meet new like-minded people. Whether it's a book club, a hiking group, or a gardening club, joining a social group is a great way to meet new people and keep up with your hobbies and interests.

Try a new hobby

Is there an activity you’ve always wanted to pick up, but work responsibilities held you back from doing? Retirement is the perfect time to try your hand at a new hobby or skill. Whether it's painting, cooking, or learning a new language, trying something new can keep your mind sharp and help you stay engaged in your retirement years.


Looking for something more meaningful to do during retirement? Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community while developing a passion for a great cause. Best of all, there are so many paths you could go down with volunteering.

You could volunteer at a local animal shelter, a charity shop, or a hospital - whatever you do, you'll feel good about making a difference and keeping your mind occupied.


Everyone loves a holiday, but finding time to fit vacations in with your work responsibilities can be a pain. However, this won’t be a problem in your retirement years. Free of the process of handing in holiday requests, retirement could be the best time to travel and see more of the world.

Retirement is a great time to explore new places and see the world. Whether you take a cruise, visit family, or take a cozy staycation, traveling can broaden your horizons and help create new memories.

Stay active

While a lot of people talk about getting in shape, it’s easy for work and other life responsibilities to put you off doing it. During your retirement years, there’s no excuse to let your fitness fall by the wayside.

Staying physically active is crucial for maintaining your health and wellbeing, and can even be fun if you pick the right activity. From something as simple as taking a daily walk to practicing yoga, staying active can help you feel your best in retirement.

Connect with family and friends

As the obligations of adult life get in the way, it gets more and more difficult to keep up with family and social commitments. However, this isn’t the case in retirement, where you suddenly have bags of extra time!

Staying connected with family and friends is extremely important for your mental health and wellbeing, helping your body release dopamine to make you feel happy and relaxed. Whether you call, text, or video chat, use retirement as an opportunity to make more time for your loved ones!

Take up a part-time job or consultancy

Do you still miss the routine and activity of your work environment? While working full-time might not be desirable, it might be wise to consider some part-time or consultancy work. With plenty of years of experience on your side, there are loads of places where your expertise would be welcome. As well as giving you a sense of purpose and structure, you’ll also be able to make some extra income!

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