Joan doesn’t need to drive any more now she’s in the heart of town

At Churchill we understand that for many people the car is a symbol of independence and it’s hard to imagine life without it. That’s why all our developments have free car parking for our Owners.

However, after moving into a Churchill development, many people find that they can continue to lead an active and independent lifestyle without the hassle and expense of running a car.

Joan Johnson is a perfect example of this. When she relocated from Liverpool to Surrey to move into a brand new apartment at Churchill’s Caterham Lodge, she naturally brought her car with her. But she soon realised that being in the heart of town with a hassle free lifestyle, family close at hand and transport options aplenty, she really didn’t need to drive any more.

“I had lived in Liverpool for many years,” says Joan. “But both my son and daughter and their families are down here in Surrey, so I decided to move here too. Now I see them and my grandchildren all the time, it’s the best move I could have made.”

Of course I brought the car with me when I moved, and there’s a free car park for the Owners here. However, after a few months I realised there was no point keeping it. I found it stressful driving in new places, and my reactions are slowing down a bit, so I decided to sell the car and I feel I’m better off without it. If I need to get anywhere I’m right next to the railway station and there are any number of buses I can catch within 100 yards of my front door. 

“Caterham’s local high street is ideal for shopping for my everyday needs, and there’s a lovely Waitrose just along the road which I call my ‘corner shop’. For more of a day out, Croydon isn’t far away for department stores, or Reigate is lovely for little boutique shops, and it’s all very easy to get to on the bus without having to drive there and worry about parking.

In my spare time I love walking, and I try to get out for a proper walk two or three times a week in the Surrey countryside around Caterham, which is lovely at this time of year. I also join in with the social side of things here and I’ve made lots of new friends, which I’m grateful for as I didn’t know anyone in the area before. I’m even the chair of our Caterham Lodge social committee!

“My life is so much easier now, I have no worries about the house or the car going wrong, or having to look after the garden. I can just do whatever I want, whenever I want, and that suits me just fine.”