Keith & Norma enjoy northern charm and lower cost of living after moving to Dutton Lodge

80-year-old Keith Murphy and his wife Norma (also 80) had always lived down south in Herfordshire, in a village near St Albans, but when they decided the time was right to downsize they moved all the way up to Cumbria, where they can enjoy their new lifestyle in a brand new apartment at Churchill’s Dutton Lodge development in Penrith.

“We knew we wanted to downsize,” explains Keith. “Our daughter works here in Penrith and lives nearby, so we wanted to be closer to her, and it’s a part of the country we’ve always loved. Everyone seems to be so much more friendly here.”

Another benefit of the move is that their household costs have significantly reduced, as well as the hassle of looking after their previous property. Keith says: “We don’t have to worry about the garden any more, or the expense of maintaining the house. The cost of living here is much lower than our old place, and of course property here is much cheaper in general, although that didn’t really matter to us. Our household bills and council tax are much cheaper, the people are more friendly, and even the local healthcare seems to be better!”

Another advantage is being in the heart of town close to local shops and services. “We were quite isolated before,” says Keith. “So we’d have to get in the car and drive to get anywhere. Now we can just walk everywhere, which saves on fuel and keeps us active. I can’t walk the fells like I used to, but I like getting out and about to the shops, and I’m surprised at how sociable I am these days. We get on very well with everybody here and speak to far more people than we used to on a daily basis. Perhaps it the northern charm rubbing off on us!”

Dutton Lodge is located near the heart of Penrith close to shops and amenities, and perfectly located for local transport links. The Lodge comprises 54 private, self-contained apartments with spacious rooms throughout, considerately designed with the over 60s in mind, and a warm, comfortable Owners’ Lounge where regular social events take place throughout the year.