Ken rediscovers his passion for modelling at New Pooles Lodge

90-year-old Ken, who moved to New Pooles Lodge with his wife Davinia earlier this year, has 5 children, 16 grandchildren, and 23 great grandchildren. He has now started work on a new Lamborghini Aventador model and is getting on very well with it.

He adds: “Living in our new apartment I don’t have any worries about maintenance, no fixing leaks or looking after the garden. I feel much more relaxed and I have more time to enjoy doing what I love. It’s great!”

In his younger days, aircraft engineer Ken Skidmore had a passion for creating model tall ships and elaborate model cars from replica kits. He had given this up long before his move to New Pooles Lodge, but having settled into life in his new apartment he has now rediscovered his passion for this intricate art.

He says: “This type of replica car kit is hard to come by these days and with every single tiny part having to be individually put together, they can take months to complete. However, since moving to New Pooles Lodge I’ve felt so relaxed and I’ve had time to dedicate myself to this hobby that I love. My latest model – an Alpha Romeo with over 2,000 pieces – only took me about six weeks!”