Lesley enjoys friendship and support at Avonbank Lodge

Lesley Storer and her husband David moved to Churchill’s Avonbank Lodge in Newbury to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle closer to town. When David was sadly diagnosed with Parkinson’s and had to move into full time care, Lesley found it a great comfort to have the friendship and support of her new neighbours around her.

She says: “It’s been a godsend to be here with other people and a support network. They’ve all been very kind and a lot of other people here are on their own too, so they understand what it’s like and we’re all in it together. This was especially the case during lockdown.”


With restrictions lifting Lesley has been able to enjoy barbecues and bingo with her neighbours once again. “We all have a good laugh and it’s lovely getting together,” she says. “Our Lodge Manager Amanda has even organised exercise classes in the Owners’ Lounge which have been very good to get me active again after spending so long indoors. I’ve always been a fit person so I aim to keep that up!”

She adds: “I still have my car, but I don’t use it much as we’re so close to the high street I can just walk there for everything I need, even the dentist. I lived further out of town before and I realised that if I ever couldn’t drive I’d be a bit stuck. Like me a lot of other people here have moved to be near to family, but the good thing is we can all still be very independent.”