Lodge Manager Carla goes the extra mile during lockdown

Carla Ashdown, Lodge Manager of Neville Lodge in Peacehaven, has consistently gone the extra mile to organise activities Owners can enjoy in their apartments during lockdown. She has been organising weekly online food shopping, quizzes, word searches, and mindful colouring, all delivered safely and with a smile to people’s doors.

“She has kept my brain going by delivering quizzes and books,” says grateful Owner Keith. “She always goes out of her way to help and I can’t praise her highly enough.”

Owner Jan admires Carla’s diligence in keeping everyone safe and amused during lockdown. “Interesting trivia, treats and information have kept coming through our letterboxes,” she says. “We have even had mince pies and sherry, cream teas and fish & chips – though not all at the same time!”

“During Covid, Carla has made sure that our own safety is of paramount importance,” says another Owner, Marie. “She has kept us aware of all the up-to-date Government rules and kept contact with each one of us during isolation, providing things to keep us occupied and maintaining our mental wellbeing. In addition she has organised online shopping for those who preferred not to go to the shops during lockdown.”

“Carla is always on hand to sort out any problems and help us,” adds Jean, yet another happy Owner. “She has a ready sense of humour and she goes out of her way to do things for us. Especially during the pandemic, she has kept our spirits up with puzzles, colouring, etc. She also organised fish and chips which was a great idea and much appreciated. She is a great asset to the Lodge.”

Owners Jan and Ken appreciate Carla’s efforts so much they have nicknamed her ‘the Carla Fairy’ – especially after the recent fish and chips delivery. “As time has gone by we realise how lucky we are to have her looking after the building and being concerned for our welfare at all times,” they add. “We can’t think of her just as a Lodge Manager, but as a friend.”