New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

After the joys of Christmas draw to a close, it’s time to prepare for what the New Year has in store. In retirement, you might find that your usual routine has grown stale or repetitive over time. The good news is that the New Year is a perfect excuse to make some lifestyle tweaks and find a new lease of life.

From learning a new skill to exercising more regularly, here are some of the best New Year’s Resolutions for retirees:

Make new connections

In your retirement years, new companions can be a bit more difficult to come by. Still, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to forge new friendships! While you won’t have your work environment to meet new people, you can form friendships with people in your retirement community, which will give you the chance to meet other retirees with shared interests. But don’t just look for new friends - giving your old friends a quick call will go a long way to strengthening the friendships you already have.

Find a new hobby

Tired of the same old routine? The New Year is a perfect opportunity to shake up your retirement life with a new activity. Finding a new hobby will help revitalize your retirement life and give you a new challenge to tackle. Best of all, in retirement the world is your oyster - you have limitless time to go out there and discover new experiences. You could do something as simple as join an exercise class, a knitting circle, or learn how to play the banjo!

Defend yourself from the icy weather

January can be an icy time of year - Especially if you have a white Christmas before it. But while snow can be comforting in the winter season, it can also be dangerous for older adults, who are more likely to succumb to bruising from sudden falls. With this in mind, one of the first things you should do is winterproof your home, clearing the walkways of ice and sleet. You should also make sure you have some hardy winter boots,

Exercise more

Whatever age you are, exercising more regularly will do you a lot of good. But this is particularly true for older adults, who need ways to keep their body active and healthy. This will work wonders for your muscle memory, joint health and your mood! Exercise might not be the most fun, but you can always take part in a group walking exercise or team sport to make it more social!

Challenge your mind

In your retirement years, your brain won’t have as many opportunities to challenge itself. In the New Year, make it a rule to test your brain at least 10 minutes every day. To keep your memory, concentration, and mood high, you could do something as simple as complete a crossword, a sudoku puzzle, or even spend time reading a book!

Reassess your budget

You might think your retirement budget is financially sound, but it never hurts to give your finances a quick once over. Get help from a financial advisor to look over your monthly outgoings, and you might identify some worrying trends that you need to address, from an expensive chocolate addiction to some high energy bills. Also, find out about any senior discounts you could be using!

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