Pam enjoys being closer to family and making new friends at St Giles Lodge in Tonbridge

Pam Calvert has been happily settling in to her brand new apartment at Churchill’s St Giles Lodge in Tonbridge, where she’s closer to family and enjoying the company of new friends. Like so many other Churchill Owners, her new lifestyle will be sure to include heading off on the odd cruise to see new places and discover new things.

“I’m no different from lots of other people my age,” explains Pam.

I was living on my own in a lovely bungalow in Essex, but I had no family nearby, so when I saw the new Churchill apartments being built here in Tonbridge, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to make a move and be closer to my relations here. Now I’m glad I don’t have to make the journey down to visit, and I’m very happy in my new apartment.

Pam continues: “As St Giles Lodge is a brand new development we’re all fairly new here, it’s a very friendly group of people and we’ve all enjoyed getting to know each other. I feel very lucky to have such a nice set of neighbours around me and there’s no-one here who rocks the boat!”

Speaking of boats, Pam is looking forward to a cruise through up Norwegian coast in the coming months. “I wouldn’t say I’m a cruise ship fanatic, but I’ve been on one or two very nice trips to places like Alaska, the Nile and parts of Europe. It’s something lots of people enjoy, and a great way to spend time with friends. I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights on my next trip, and I hope I’ll be planning one or two more journeys in the future.”

St Giles Lodge is located near the centre of Tonbridge, a few minutes’ walk to the north of the main High Street and its variety of shops, restaurants, and other leisure activities. The Lodge comprises 31 private, self-contained apartments which boast spacious rooms throughout and have been considerately designed with the over 60s in mind.

For more information on St Giles Lodge call 01732 622 252 or click here