Pat & Bill enjoy a smooth and speedy move with Churchill’s Home Exchange service

Apartment Owners Pat & Bill Purkiss have been settling in well after a quick and hassle free move to Churchill’s new Weavers Lodge development in Haverhill.

“Our move has all gone very quickly and smoothly,” says Bill. “In fact it took less than five weeks from our first viewing to moving in. Churchill’s Sales Executive Alex has been brilliant, and the Home Exchange service meant that we could be in control of the move and make it happen nice and quickly.

We lived a little way out in the country before,” Bill explains. “It was a bit isolated and the bungalow and garden were getting a bit too much to look after. Our old house was also very drafty, unlike our new apartment which is so lovely and warm we haven’t even had the heating on yet!

Pat adds: “I haven’t had a car for the last couple of years, so I needed to be close to town. Weavers Lodge is perfect as I can walk to the shops or catch a bus whenever I like.”

“We’re also making new friends and re-connecting with old ones. Our new neighbour Frieda used to be a teacher at the Cangle School here in Haverhill where she taught my daughter. It’s been a good few years since we last saw each other but it’s nice to meet a familiar face!”