Ready to feel 10 years younger?

A new study has revealed the benefits of moving into an apartment specially designed for retirees including more social interaction and activities, a more independent lifestyle, and peace of mind about everyday maintenance and security.

The study is called Healthier and Happier and was produced by a group called Homes for Later Living to help promote greater choice, accessibility and quality of housing for older people in the UK.

The Healthier and Happier report based its findings on a survey of over 1,000 retirees, measuring established national well-being criteria such as happiness levels and life satisfaction. One of its key findings was that an average person aged 80 feels as good as someone 10 years younger after moving from mainstream housing to housing specially designed for later living. 

When you move to a Churchill Retirement Living development you get more than just a new apartment, it’s a whole new way of life. You’ll have a comfortable, secure place to live, with the option to socialise with other Owners as much or as little as you like.

Churchill recognises that many people in later life are as active as ever and its developments cater to this perfectly. Owners can enjoy a ‘lock up and leave’ lifestyle, heading off on holiday or visiting family, safe in the knowledge that their apartment is secure and they won’t return to an overgrown garden or other maintenance jobs.

At Churchill developments, neighbours can socialise in the warm and welcoming Owners’ Lounge, host visitors and be part of a friendly, like-minded community. There is also a friendly Lodge Manager whose role it is to look out for peoples welfare, be a point of contact if help is needed, make sure the communal areas are well-maintained, and to be a reassuring day-to-day presence.