Rosemary and Margaret find friendship at Sanderson Lodge

Rosemary Minett and Margaret Hawes are two of the latest Owners to make the move to Sanderson Lodge in Selsdon. Now they’re enjoying the sense of community that comes with living in a brand new Churchill apartment, and it didn’t take them long to form a close friendship with each other.

Rosemary says: “I like the fact that I no longer have the maintenance of a big house to worry about, and the social aspect of living here is fantastic. I was miserable living on my own, since my move I’ve found that having regular company is a lifesaver. I’m no longer lonely.”

Margaret adds: “The most important benefit of living here is the friendships I’ve made, including with Rosemary. Alongside that, the development is lovely and warm and I have no more worries about bills or the upkeep of a property.”

Both Margaret and Rosemary moved to Selsdon to be nearer to family members, and in Margaret’s case it was her stepson who found the apartment for her. She says: “I lived in Godstone previously and after having to give up owning a car we needed to be closer to family.”

For Rosemary it was a decision she made for herself, as she explains: “I was living in Essex and was visiting my son when I drove past and thought I would pop in. Later I came back with a friend and decided to make an offer there and then. All the amenities are very convenient here, I have the shops, doctors and my clubs all close by, it’s fantastic!”

Margaret also enjoyed a smooth move and is feeling the benefits of having extra support close at hand to help her maintain her independence. She says: “What Churchill offers is great, we did nothing during the moving process as it was all done for us. The specialist services we received we totally invaluable.”

For anyone else considering a move to Sanderson Lodge, Margaret has this advice: “If you’re on your own you should seriously consider it. The Careline system gives you great peace of mind so that you can be completely independent but knowing there will be help at hand if you ever need it. It’ll be the best move you can make!”