Spot the Chiahuahua enjoys a warm welcome at Jefferies Lodge

Jan Sparrow and Spot have been best of friends since Jan adopted the 3½-year-old Chiahuahua as a puppy, so when looking to downsize to a more manageable home she could never think of leaving him behind. Fortunately thanks to Churchill Retirement Living’s pet-friendly approach, Jan was able to bring him with her to a brand new apartment at Jefferies Lodge in Eltham, where both she and Spot have enjoyed a very warm welcome from the growing community of Owners.

Jan explains: “My daughter lives near to Jefferies Lodge and it was her idea for me to move here so I’d be closer to her and the family as I get older. Of course I couldn’t have moved without Spot, so one of the first things I did was to check whether Churchill would allow me to bring him too, and thankfully the answer was yes. We moved in last summer, it all went very smoothly and our brand new apartment is lovely, I couldn’t wish for anything more.”

The friendly atmosphere is an important part of Jan and Spot’s new life at Jefferies Lodge. 

He’s spoilt rotten here,” says Jan. “All the neighbours make a fuss of him whenever they see him, he’s very popular, and taking him for regular walks is a good way for me to socialise and stay active. I also enjoy the regular social events with other Owners, and I’m looking forward to seeing my granddaughter come and perform her wartime 40s and 50s songs in the Owners’ Lounge here soon.

As well as being a talented singer, Jan’s granddaughter Kimberley is the one she has to thank for bringing Spot into her life a few years ago. “Kimberley bought Spot as a puppy for herself,” explains Jan. “But unfortunately it didn’t last long as she was too busy to give him regular walks and care for him properly, so she was going to give him away. I couldn’t have that, so I said he could come and live with me. He’s been a wonderful companion ever since, and I wouldn’t give him up for the world!”

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