The Advantages of Downsizing

A manageable home

Far from being a worrying change, moving to a smaller home is a chance to make life easier and more affordable. Utility bills and building insurance will be lower compared to a bigger home; there will be less housework, fewer unexpected expenses and maybe some extra money!

“Moving to a smaller property can have many advantages,” says Lucy Harmer, Director of Services at Independent Age, the older people’s charity. “If you own your current home, you could release capital to help with costs elsewhere”, she says.

Saying goodbye to a large garden can be hard but it can also be a relief. A smaller home can give you all the advantages of greenery with none of the tiring hassle. Many new homes come with patio spaces, balconies, or a shared communal garden.

Move and make-over

Tastes change and moving is a great opportunity to get rid of things you no longer want. Ebay and Gumtree are good places to sell pieces and you will make a little money too. Scale down your furniture and invest in fewer and more practical items such as a smaller dining room table and folding chairs which can be put away when not needed. Work out the storage you want and instead of heavy and space-taking bookshelves, think of closets which offer both vertical and horizontal shelving as well as drawers and a fold-away desk.

Amenities that suit

Moving means being able to find a home that suits your changing needs. Security and safety will often be better in acontemporary  apartment as many new buildings have lifts, CCTV, external lighting and the latest technology such as useful handsfree key fobs. New apartments often offer lateral living and have amenities which help advancing years, such as slip resistant bathroom floors, walk-in showers and illuminated light switches. Smaller homes, particularly apartments, are also easier to lock up and leave if you decide to go travelling.

Beneficial lifestyle

A simpler “downsized” life can save you time and free you up to do the things you enjoy. “Downsizing could also help bring you closer to amenities or friends,” says Harmer. Moving home is also a chance to try new things and meet new people. According to research, socialising, making new friends and taking up new hobbies are all hugely beneficial for your health and wellbeing. Less really is more

By Nicola Venning