The advantages of living in a retirement village

Depending on your budget and what lifestyle you prefer, there are loads of different directions you can take with your retirement home. Many choose to downsize and move into a smaller home, but if you truly want to elevate the quality of your retirement life, a retirement village could be your best option. With maintenance services and the opportunity to enjoy an independent lifestyle, here are all of the benefits of retirement villages:


Independent lifestyle

With a retirement apartment, you’ll have the perfect platform to live an independent retirement lifestyle. This means you can go about your daily affairs as you please, including shopping, cooking and your favourite hobbies. As many retirement developments take care of maintenance and cleaning, you can sit back and focus on the things that make you happy. You’ll also get free rein to decorate your retirement apartment as you wish, get a furry companion, or invite your close friends and family!


Energy efficient apartments

Given that many retirement developments are built with energy-efficient materials, buying a retirement apartment will give you an instant return on your investment. This is because your home will be able to stay warm and comfortable without forcing you to run up your energy bills!

As the cost of energy bills grows, Churchill Retirement Living offers a solution that can help soften the blow. All of our developments are built with renewable technologies and high levels of insulation, which means your home will be warm enough for you not to have to keep turning on the heating! 


Communal areas for you to socialize

Retirement apartments do let you live an independent lifestyle, but your retirement years won’t be spent in isolation. While you won’t be able to socialise with your work colleagues, retirement developments feature communal areas for you to make new everlasting friendships. Best of all, you’ll come across like-minded retirees who are in the same position as you are!

With Churchill Retirement Living, you can take advantage of an exclusive Owner’s Lounge, with activities and entertainment organised by your Lodge Manager. These communal areas aren’t just great for meeting new people - you can also host your friends and family!


Safety and security

During your retirement years, your safety and security are of paramount importance. This is where a retirement apartment is especially helpful - developments are built to give retired residents a sense of comfort and security. At Churchill Retirement Living, your retirement apartment will come complete with a host of security features, like fire and smoke detectors, video door entry, and a 24-hour careline support system. With complete peace of mind in your home, nothing can get in the way of enjoying a fulfilling retirement lifestyle.


Service charges offer great value for money

If you live in a leasehold retirement apartment, you can expect your monthly service charges to form the bulk of your payments. Service charges can be quite hefty, but the services you get in return are well worth the investment. Service charges go towards keeping the development maintained and redecorated (outdoor and indoor), as well as the staff and security that are in place to make your day-to-day life easier. So, if you suddenly have to deal with a fault, don’t panic – your service charge and Lodge Manager are on hand to help you!

With Churchill Retirement Living, your service charge goes that extra mile to cover many extra aspects of retirement living. This includes the support of your Lodge Manager, the cleaning of the Owners’ Lounge, and your heating bills!

Want to be part of a welcoming retirement community? At Churchill Retirement Living, you can enjoy all of the benefits of retirement life, without having to worry about maintenance, safety or entertainment. Get your dream retirement started here.