New Top 10 “Grandfluencers” list shows that age really is just a number!

Whilst it may have started as a young person’s past-time, there is no denying it – older social media influencers are on the rise.

And, according to Churchill Retirement Living, it’s not surprising; retirees are leading fun, active and inspiring lifestyles. What’s more, they’re digital savvy too. Proving that older influencers are fully embracing the power of social media, Churchill Retirement Living has compiled a list of the top 10 “grandfluencers” taking Tik Tok and Instagram by storm.

Social media is bigger than ever, and platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram are racking up over 4 billion[1] users worldwide. Those aged over 50 and over make up almost 20%[2] of global social media users worldwide, so it’s little wonder that influencers span multiple generations.

Spencer J McCarthy, chairman and CEO at Churchill, said: “Social media is everywhere nowadays, and with retirees embracing the modern era of communication and grandchildren helping elderly relatives to have fun and jump on the latest trends, older influencers really are giving Gen Z’s a run for their money. At Churchill we’re all about helping people enjoy an active, fun and sociable retirement, so we’ve pulled together a Top 10 “Grandfluencers” list of older social media users who are starting to lead the way in a new generation of influencers.”

With Tik Tok stars taking the internet by storm and grandparent and grandchild duos acquiring millions of followers across the platforms, the hashtag #grandparentsoftiktok has over 1.4 billion views, and social media stars now known as ‘grandfluencers’ are leading the way.

Let’s take a look at who made the list…

  1. @grandma_droniak

With an impressive 8.8 million followers on Tik Tok, Grandma Droniak is a 93 year old grandma known for going viral when she shared her list of three rules she wants people to follow at her funeral. Grandma Droniak, also known as Lillian, lives in Connecticut and is not one to shy away from the camera, and as a viral sensation she enjoys sharing videos on the red flags to watch out for in the dating world. Lillian recently told Good Morning America that she feels like the ‘grandma of the internet’ and revealed that making content made her feel young again. 

  1. @grandadfrankk

Anyone who’s on Tik Tok has probably come across Grandad Frank. With 7.3 million followers to his name, Grandad Frank is 77 years young and originally from Galway, Ireland. To date, he has racked up a total of 182 million likes on Tik Tok for his funny and witty videos. “Hopping on the trends” as he says, Grandad Frank keeps his followers entertained and proves that age is just a number when it comes to recreating those popular Tik Tok dances.

  1. @grandadjoe1933

Grandad Joe rose to social media fame during lockdown, and with his witty, tongue-in-cheek humour and loveable character he has now reached over 6.3 million followers on Tik Tok. At 89 years old, Grandad Joe is proof that you’re as young as you feel as he shares videos performing the latest Tik Tok dance trends. Like many other older influencers, Joe has his granddaughter to thank for helping him to embrace modern day technology and keep his followers entertained.

  1. @baddiewinnkle

Making a splash across Instagram right now is Helen Winkle, also known as Baddie Winkle. As one of Instagram’s most popular older influencers Helen has an impressive 3.2 million followers and at 95 years of age she isn’t afraid to let loose and have fun online. Her colourful and comedic content keeps her followers entertained meaning she’s had huge success and has no plans to slow down just yet.

  1. @iris.apfel

At 99 years of age, Iris Apfel is our oldest influencer on this list and with 2.6 million followers she really is an inspiration to all of us. Clearly ahead on her fashion game, Iris shares some wonderful outfits all created by herself as she is previously an interior designer. Her bio states ‘More is more and less is a bore’ and if that’s not something to live by then we don’t know what is.

    1. @patriotickenny

    Entertaining us from overseas is former navy veteran turned Tik Tok sensation, 81-year-old Patriotic Kenny. With 2.6 million followers and an amazing 50.1 million likes, Kenny keeps his followers entertained as he discovers the technologies of today and creates content irresistible to his younger audience. As a former veteran, Kenny also spreads positivity and emotional openness which is helping to support and change the lives of other struggling veterans.  

    1. @trainwithjoan

    Demonstrating that age is just a number, 73 year old Joan Macdonald, fitness fantastic turned Instagram influencer is inspiring others that it’s never to late to start looking and feeling your best. With an astounding 1.7 million followers on Instagram, Joan only began her inspiring transformation at the age of 70 and is now a beacon of motivation to others and is on a mission to inspire and uplift as many people as she can.

  1. @jessandnorma

As grandparent and grandchildren duos becoming increasingly popular, Jess and Norma have won the hearts of their 1.1 million Tik Tok followers as they share both funny and moving videos which have a grand total of 26.5 million likes. 63 years apart in age, Jess and Norma have shot to social media fame and as the duo grow ever closer through their content creation, commenting on their success, Norma said; “The attention gives me goose pimples, it has come as a huge shock and is such a blessing.”

  1. @moonlin0106

Originally from Taiwan, Moon Lin has built up an incredible following of over 89,000 followers. Known for her cool street style, Moon really does give Gen-Z’s a run for their money with content creation. At 93 years of age, Moon is a clear example that you are as young as you feel and it really is never too late to embrace modern day technology.

  1. @grandma.barbara

Not afraid to jump on the latest Tik Tok trends, Grandma Barbara, who is 76 years young has grown an impressive 76,200 followers on Tik Tok for sharing funny and quirky videos. With her grandchildren helping to create the videos and share the latest trends, Barbara is embracing her new social media fame and inspiring others to let go and enjoy the simpler things in life.

If one thing is for sure, it’s true that no matter how old you are we can all embrace the changing world around us and have fun with social media. Whether you’re learning the latest Tik Tok dance or just having fun with the grandchildren social media is the perfect place to create content, entertain and have fun, no matter what your age.