Retirement Living – 4 Myths Explained

There are a lot of misconceptions about retirement developments which leaves people dismissing the option prematurely. Here are some common myths surrounding the subject and the reality behind them.

1. Living at my Current Home Gives me More Freedom and Independence

It is a common myth amongst retirees that staying in their current home will allow them to have more independence. Fortunately, the reality is much different. Just as in any non-retirement apartment complex, you will have keys to your own front door and as much privacy as you wish. You are free to decorate your apartment and make it your home. Here at Churchill we even have a dedicated interior design company to help you choose your ideal interiors. Keeping a large house requires a lot of upkeep which can get tiresome in your later years. A retirement apartment allows for more time socialising and engaging in activities.

2. Staying at Home is the Best Option to Keep Active and Socialise

Being able to socialise is an important part of health and wellbeing. As we move into our older years, it may seem that staying in is the easy option and loneliness can often be an issue. Churchill provides great communal areas such as the Owners’ Lounge which hosts a range of activities. There are beautiful landscaped gardens that you can enjoy with your neighbours and family without worrying about the upkeep! You can spend as much or as little time engaging in social activities, making a plan to suit you.

3. Staying at Home is Less Expensive

Although your mortgage may be paid off, monthly expenses to maintain your home and your lifestyle may be higher than you realise and can be unpredictable as your home ages. When combined with potential upkeep costs, living in your current home may end up being the more expensive option. One simple monthly service charge covers items such as water charges and buildings insurance as well as extras such as garden maintenance and window cleaning. This helps to avoid any unexpected costs and makes money management a lot easier. If you are unsure of how to finance your move and need some more advice consult the Financial Support section of our website.

4. Moving is Difficult and Takes too Long

It may seem that at this stage in life, moving is a lot of hassle and selling your home can take a long time. Many services are available now to take care of these worries and support you throughout the process. At Churchill, we have two great options to make your move easy and stress free. With our Selling Made Easy option, we will work closely with the estate agents for you to ensure that your property is being promoted and is sold quickly at the best possible price. Our Home Exchange option enables a simple and quick sale of your property providing you with more time to choose the apartment that’s right for you.

Retirement living is becoming increasingly popular as people are discovering the facts behind the myths. See what our customers say about retirement living.

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