Retirement living in the fast lane

For many, retirement living conjures up thoughts of sleepy, inactive communities, with limited independence. But one retiree in Stourport is quashing all of those perceptions and championing the cause for early, smart retirement planning.

Christine Short, owns a one bedroom apartment at Churchill Retirement Living’s Mitton Lodge development, on Vale Road in Stourport, which she purchased earlier this year as part of a move back to Worcestershire where she has family.

She comments: “Many people quiz me about why I chose to live here, as I’m a fit and extremely active 70 year old who’s young at heart, fiercely independent, stylish and trendy (I’m told!), with far too many clothes and lots of interests. Until recently I was a magistrate and I’m still employed by various educational organisations, as a part-time maths teacher, marker and language expert. I also work as a proof reader, so I’m not your ‘typical’ 70 year old!” 

Ms Short decided to settle back in Worcestershire earlier this year, after living away for a period of time. She was looking to purchase her own home and retain absolute independence, but also wanted it to be her final move.

“I know I’m capable and active now, with all my wits intact, but I was keen to look forward, maybe 10 or 15 years, and have a plan for when I might not be so able, and may need more of the security, assistance and safety features that living at a Churchill Retirement Living development provides. It seems to me, at 70 years old, it’s important to be looking ahead and getting organised, no matter what our immediate circumstances are, or how fit and well we are.”

Ms Short hadn’t considered a retirement living development but dropped into Mitton Lodge after driving past and spotting the development from the car one afternoon. She quickly began to realise that Mitton Lodge could be just what she was looking for.

“As soon as I entered the development, the building hit me immediately as being extremely attractive, and the apartments were just lovely.  A real added bonus was the beautiful, sunny garden, (which I now help out with to maintain), and the barges passing by on the canal, at the rear of the building. I quickly knew I would be able to be entirely independent but would have a lovely new secure home, which would be worry free. There are also so many communal facilities and activities, which apartment owners can join in with, as little or often as they choose, depending on how much company you fancy!”

Ms Short has found that planning for her future now has made her feel safe and secure, enabling her to relax and continue to enjoy living life to the full.

“I cannot stress enough how my planning for the long term has taken my worry away! Since moving here, I’ve gained ultimate peace of mind through safety and security. These important factors, coupled with a lovely apartment, delightful grounds and easy access to Stourport and the surrounding areas, make it a superb plan for my future.”

Ms Short firmly believes that retirees need to forget out-dated perceptions of retirement living, think smart and make sensible choices early to help them make the most of life both now, and in the future, when their circumstances may change.

“No way do I see myself as old, and I certainly don’t ‘act old’! Churchill Retirement Living is nothing like a care home, far from it. I’m still living independently in my own home, always out and about having fun, still working and still buying too many clothes (!) but I feel very safe. And when the time comes when I do need more support - I’m right where I need to be.

One and two bedroom apartments are available for sale at Mitton Lodge, priced from £120,950. For more information on the development, or to arrange a visit, call 01299 393 294. 

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