Retirement Living: Moving Home Checklist

Retirement Living: Moving Home Checklist

Here at Churchill, we understand that many people put off moving home due to the stresses that are associated with it. We do everything we can to make the transition as simple as possible with our “Moving Made Easy” services. This has helped many of our Owners’ dreams come true and had them in their new home in no time. While we do all we can, there are some things that you need to check before you make the move. We’ve put together a list of things to check to help you:

1. Get the Best Removal Service

First and foremost, moving home means moving your belongings. That’s why getting the best and most convenient removal service is essential. You need someone trustworthy that can help you and take care of all your precious goods. There are a range of services that you can choose from. Churchill Retirement has teamed up with Britannia Movers International to bring you a fantastic service. You can choose from options which can even include a full packing and unpacking service which can take all of the stress out of the move. You will have your own personal move co-ordinator to make sure you get a service that suits your needs perfectly.

2. Ensuring that Everything will Fit

Downsizing from a large home is difficult for everyone. It’s easy to take the plunge and start moving large items of furniture to your new home only to find that they don’t fit. Make sure that you think about this and prepare yourself. It’s difficult to let go of things that have sentimental value, but downsizing can provide a much easier and lower maintenance lifestyle. If you need some advice, read our previous post on how to downsize. The Senior Move Partnership has also teamed with Churchill Retirement Living to support your rightsizing needs. With a Senior Move Manager, the hard work is taken away. They provide a tailored service to support your needs and will provide help and advice both before and during the move.

3. Notify Service Providers of your Change of Address

With the excitement and whirlwind experience of moving into your new home, it’s easy to forget the simple things. Think about any personal bills that you have, subscriptions to catalogues and magazines and any other post that may be going to your previous address. Ensure that they are all aware of the date that you want the service to stop. This is also true for utility providers. Although someone may be moving into your previous address, electric, gas and other utilities will have to be changed from your name as you will still be liable for them otherwise.

4. Redirect your Post

It’s possible to get your post redirected for periods of three, six or twelve months using the Royal Mail's Postal Redirection service. The downside is that there is a few which starts from £21 for three months. It is important to call up any service providers to let them know your change of address for a more long term solution. It’s very important to do this as any bills that you don’t pay can affect your credit record and you may find you have to pay fines that you didn’t know about.

5. De-Register for Doctors and Dentist

If you’re moving out of the area, you should de-register from your doctors, dentist and optician. This is important for them to know as they may be concerned if you miss regular check-ups or repeat prescriptions. Of course, you will need to register with your new health care providers as soon as possible (this may even be worth doing a week or two before the move).

6. Arrange for Help from Family or Friends

No matter how much help you have from service providers, moving can be an emotional experience. Friends and family are the best support you can get at this time. Make sure you are not afraid to ask them for help, especially if you have to downsize (as they may help to take precious items that are too large for your new home).

With our services, we make the transition from your home to a Churchill Retirement apartment as simple as possible. With a few simple things to remember when you leave your home, you’ll find the transition a breeze!

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