The benefits of downsizing in retirement

Buying your first home is a huge milestone that you’ll never forget. But as you enter your retirement years, the effort it takes to maintain a home might start feeling more like a weight on your shoulders. From freeing up your finances to giving you the keys to a more flexible lifestyle, there are loads of reasons why downsizing in retirement might make sense.

Looking to trade your spacious home for a smaller, simpler way of living? Here are some of the unexpected benefits to downsizing your home in retirement:

What are the benefits of downsizing in retirement?

  • Better social life
  • Less home maintenance
  • Lower cost, more savings
  • More flexibility to travel
  • Move nearer to friends and family

Better social life

As your children flee the nest and your own circumstances change, living in a large, spacious home can end up feeling a bit lonely. With a smaller retirement apartment, you are far more likely to create long-lasting bonds with new people. Most retirement developments are close-knit communities where you have the opportunity to socialise over shared events, hobbies or communal gardens!

Less home maintenance

When you have a smaller living space, this naturally means that you’ll spend less time cleaning up and maintaining your home. Instead of exhausting yourself on hours of deep cleaning and dusting, you’ll be able to devote time to the activities that you love, whether you fancy walks around the park or spending time with your loved ones. If you are someone who loves the therapeutic act of cleaning, look away now!

With a Churchill Retirement Apartment, you’ll never have to worry about the maintenance of your home again. When you purchase your retirement apartment, we’ll take care of the maintenance and upkeep of your home so you don’t have to!

Lower cost, more savings

It might sound obvious, but a larger home costs a lot more to run than a smaller one. As well as costing less than your average mortgage repayments, you’ll be able to power your home and keep it warm using much less energy, resulting in lower utility bills. This will free up your finances to spend money on the things that make you happy, from your grandchildren to trips away and spontaneous shopping trips.

More flexibility to travel

The day-to-day running of a regular home is a big responsibility that you might feel worried about leaving behind. But with a low-maintenance retirement apartment, you’ll feel much more empowered to spread your wings and travel the world.

With Churchill Retirement, you can take advantage of a lock-up-and-leave lifestyle where you can come and go to your retirement apartment as you please. Whether you are looking for a sunny trip abroad or a cozy staycation, you’ll come back to a home that is exactly the way you left it.

Live anywhere you want

Downsizing doesn’t just enable you to live in a smaller, more practical apartment living space. You also get to choose a new and exciting area to live in! If you’ve lived in a busy city all of your life, why not relocate somewhere near a beach or acres of gorgeous countryside? If you have children or grandchildren, downsizing also gives you the opportunity to move closer to them.

Looking to downsize to a retirement apartment? With retirement developments located in areas as varied as Cornwall, Dorset and Kent, Churchill Retirement can help you find a retirement home in an area you love. Want to find out more? Find your dream retirement apartment today.