The most popular retirement home locations in the UK

Although many people choose to stay put and retire in the town they grew up in, there is also a strong appeal of moving elsewhere and picking a beautiful little village or a seaside town to make the most of old age. Here’s our pick of the most popular locations in the UK to enjoy your retirement. 


In a survey by Prudential, Dorset came up top as the best place in England and Wales to retire, and it’s easy to see why. Its historic town of Christchurch has been dubbed the retirement capital of the UK and the majority of older people have a relaxed and enjoyable retirement. The beautiful beaches are perfect for taking a gentle afternoon stroll, or simply enjoying the views. 

With villages scattered across the county that is known for having no motorways, Dorset is perfect for those seeking a slower pace in life. You have all the amenities you need, with none of the stress and pressure that city centre living can bring. The coastline being in such easy reach means a nice day out in the sunshine is part of a regular day, rather than a rare treat. 


The beautiful coastline of Cornwall has been a hotspot for holidaymakers and retirees alike for many years. It’s as famous for its surfing, as it is for its holiday camps, and for those who want to make the most of the seaside it’s a logical move to make. If Cornwall was a popular destination for family holidays in your childhood, you may be tempted to relive them all over again and make it your retirement destination of choice. 

Picturesque fishing villages are scattered amongst dramatic scenery, while the only city of Truro has all the amenities you’d need. Famed for its cuisine, Cornwall has plenty to offer, whether you want a slower pace and relaxing retirement, or still wish to make the most of everything on offer. Enjoy a Cornish pasty on the beach with the grandchildren, or make the most of the infamous Cornish ice cream. 


According to recent research from Cotton Traders, Worcester was home to the happiest retirees in the UK. The West Midlands might not be the first place that comes to mind for a happy retirement, but the research speaks for itself. A stress-free lifestyle is one of the biggest contributors to a happy retirement, along with being in good health and it seems Worcester ticks all the boxes. 

The pretty county is home to the Malvern Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, making it the perfect location if you enjoy walking and keeping fit. All the mod-cons are close by, with Worcestershire being home to several towns and located reasonably close to the city of Birmingham. If the coast doesn’t appeal, Worcestershire is a great option to consider for a relaxing, enjoyable retirement. 


Another West Midlands location that tops the lists for best places to retire, Solihull has long been hugely popular for the older generation. With a huge percentage of retired homeowners making the most of the town, Solihull offers everything you’d need, from a range of high street shops and independent boutiques, to eateries, leisure areas and parks.

The NEC is also situated in the borough, meaning there’s something for everyone, whether you want to relax and take it easy, or stay active and get out and about. Boasting several nature reserves, Solihull is a leafy town but doesn’t compromise on the mod-cons. If you like the idea of being close to the big city but want a slightly slower pace, then it’s an ideal location and easy to see why it’s such a hub for retirees.

Where do you think the best places are to retire in the UK? Do you agree with our list or are there some locations you think we’ve missed? Let us know on our Churchill Retirement Living Facebook page or over on Twitter @ChurchillRL.