Security and freedom for Owner at Spicer Lodge in Stourbridge

Churchill Retirement Living’s Spicer Lodge Owner, Susan Thomas, has a caravan in North Wales and likes to spend her weekends and holidays there. In her previous home, a two bedroom terraced house in Smethwick, these trips away would have caused a certain amount of worry over what might be happening, not to mention the on-going maintenance she would face on her return. “Now, I can lock my front door and be sure that nothing untoward will happen – it’s nice to have that sense of security – as well as knowing that everything will be the same when I get back.”

Susan says that the ability to continue her ‘lock up and leave’ lifestyle was not the only reason she bought her apartment at Churchill’s Spicer Lodge. She had been living in her previous home for 30 years and working as a bursar in a school and was soon going to be 60; “At the end of last year I was starting to think about the possibility of retiring and starting to do more things for myself. I also thought it might be better to move into an apartment where there was less maintenance, so I could stay in Wales for longer periods and just have time to do the things I wanted to do, without the worry of falling behind with general house and garden maintenance.” Whilst she had enjoyed her large garden for many years, she now felt she was reaching a time in life where she wanted to spend her time pursuing other activities.

It was whilst searching on the internet that she came across Spicer Lodge in Stourbridge and thought that it was not only suitable as a retirement development, but was ideal in terms of its location as it was two minutes away from her sister and within walking distance of the “pretty” town centre, as well as shortening her journey to the caravan by half an hour.   Plus, she would be able to bring her beloved dog! In addition, Churchill Retirement Living’s Selling Made Easy Scheme would help to take the hassle out of the move – one less thing for Susan to worry about.

“I moved into my apartment at the end of August and, with some money left over from the sale of my previous home, I was able to buy new furniture and to treat myself to some new things. I have settled in remarkably quickly and I enjoy walking into Stourbridge and using the leisure centre which is nearby. I will soon be having another operation on my shoulder and I hope it will give me more movement in my arm. But in the meantime I am enjoying my new environment and walking my dog in one of the two parks that are a short distance from the Lodge.”  

Susan is already enjoying the weekly coffee mornings and the opportunity for everyone to get together - she recently took part in a recent Macmillan fundraising coffee morning and has made use of the visiting library service. Although she has not been in her apartment for long she would already recommend anyone of her age to seriously consider moving to a Churchill Retirement Lodge. “There are so many things that enhance the quality of life here that I believe it is better to do it whilst you are young and able to enjoy it all.   Moving home is stressful, whatever age you are, and probably gets more stressful the older you get – so I am really pleased I made the move now at a relatively young age.”

Susan is clearly embracing the freedom her new lifestyle has given her and the fact that she can come and go as she pleases. And with her plans still in place for an early retirement, it looks like she will be able to fully embrace all these things sooner rather than later!


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